Business PF


Based on the Pforzheim Model, the four departments - General Business Administration, Economics, Law and Quantitative Methods - are significant pillars of the Bachelor's education at Business School Pforzheim. All Bachelor's students in business administration programs complete this core curriculum courses. They offer a comprehensive education which is closely linked with the specialized courses of a given Bachelor's program. The common core courses of our four departments cannot be studied as individual programs. 

The courses provided by the Department of General Business Administration, the Department of Economics, the Department of Law and the Department of Quantitative Methodes enable a wide range of careers beyond a given specialization. In the first two semesters, the basic study period, the Bachelor's programs in Business Administration provide students with a sound knowledge in all four disciplines. From the third semester onwards, the number of core subjects decreases and the number of subjects within the specializations increases. The Bachelor's program in Business Law is also based on a similar ratio. In the first semesters, courses cover legal and economic basics, with a focus on civil law courses, labour law and public law courses. In the further course of studies, there are courses in specific legal topic.