The four disciplines are significant pillars of the Bachelor's education at Business School Pforzheim. The disciplines cannot be studied as individual programmes. 

The Bachelor's programs are based on the "Pforzheim Model". It combines a specialisation in a student's course of studies with a broad qualification in four basics disciplines: business administration, economics, law and quantitative methods. This basic training in enables a wide range of careers beyond the original specialisation in the degree course.  

In the first two semesters, the basic study period, the Bachelor's programs in business provide students with a sound knowledge in these four disciplines. From the third semester onwards, the number of these subjects decreases and the number of subjects specific to the course of studies increases. The Bachelor's program in business law is also based on the 70:30 ratio. In the first semesters, it imparts legal and economic basics, with a focus on civil law courses, labour law and public law courses. In addition, there are lectures in the core subjects and in the legal specialisation subjects.