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Sound business decisions are not possible without knowledge and consideration of the legal framework. What legal provisions apply to the drafting, signing and execution of contracts? How can entrepreneurial risks, e.g. meeting delivery deadlines, the quality of the goods or the receipt of payment, be legally secured? How do a company and its employees behave sensibly in the event of conflicts and disputes? Good legal training is therefore of particular importance.

Curriculum and courses

The Department of Law provides a wide range of courses for the undergraduate business administration programs to complement the offered specializations. First of all, in the modules Law I and Law II, you will become acquainted with those parts of the German Civil Code that are important in terms of business law, as well as with the main features of labor law and company law. In the further course of your studies, you will attend special law lectures which will enable you to deepen or broaden your basic knowledge of law within the main focus of the course: As a prospective marketing expert, market researcher or advertiser, you will study Intellectual Property Law as well as Multimedia and Internet Law. Human resources specialists will specialize in Labor Law, while controllers, tax experts and auditors will specialize in Corporate Law. Purchasers and logistics experts as well as internationally oriented business students attend lectures on International Business Law. Business informatics experts specialize in IT Law and resource efficiency managers listen to Environmental Law. The lectures in law are held partly in German, partly in English, and partly bilingually.


The legal training in the business administration programs will not make you a business lawyer. However, the training will put you in a position to recognize the legal issues that arise in business so that you can either solve them yourself or – especially in difficult cases – submit them to the specialist lawyer for a decision. Well-founded knowledge at the interface of business administration and law will help you to structure problems in the context of national and European legal norms and to be able to discuss them competently with specialized lawyers.

In the Law lectures, you will familiarize yourself with the technical terms of legal terminology and the legal method. You will acquire specialist and interface knowledge in the various legal areas relevant to companies, which you will later need in advisory, executive and managerial positions in your profession. In all courses, special emphasis is placed on the practical relevance of problem selection and problem solving. You will learn to interpret and apply the applicable law on the basis of current legal interpretation and in consideration of professional requirements in an orderly argumentation. In addition, you will train your analytical and communication skills and learn to grasp complex issues and present them in a clear and comprehensible manner.