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Innovation and knowledge transfer via cooperation

Business School Pforzheim values the seamless intermeshing of theory and practice. This is why we encourage companies to get in touch with us in order to explore innovative ways of working together.

Cooperating with our school offers a lot of perks, including gaining access to talented students, respected professors and the latest research findings. The Business School on the other hand benefits from practical insights and real-world application scenarios through collaboration with companies, while also promoting the smooth transition between an academic education and the business world.

Benefit from extensive cooperation opportunities that include knowledge exchange, challenging research collaborations, and hands-on projects. Business School Pforzheim has established academic discussion forums to which we regularly invite experts from the world of business and industry. Knowledge transfer is one of our top priorities, and in this context we encourage a dialogue-oriented culture of cooperation. We also offer continuing education programs and MBA courses to train skilled professionals and executives to master current challenges.

Please refer to the information listed below for a detailed summary of the types of collaboration we can offer you. For the time being, some links may only be available in German.


Opportunities for cooperation

Our broad range of cooperation opportunities offers you a wide choice of opportunities to team up with us. Our distinguished professors are speakers at conferences and conventions, giving you access to first-class expertise and renowned experts who will enrich your event. In addition, our professors are available as experienced consultants for research questions to help you develop innovative solutions.

Working with our talented students may also open up valuable new opportunities for you. We offer flexible cooperation models ranging from internships during the practical semester to hands-on thesis projects, which enable you to directly involve young talents into your business processes and benefit from their innovative thinking.

Our Career Center acts as an intermediary for qualified professionals, while also providing a platform to get to know each other. Thanks to our Career Events, you have the opportunity to meet promising students in person and to discover future professionals for your company.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of these extensive cooperation opportunities and set the course for a successful future together.

General conditions

Please find below a few details that companies and organizations may have to bear in mind when cooperating with the university as a state-run institution:

  • Business School Pforzheim is subject to the academic calendar year. As a result, the semester structure is to be taken into account for all offers involving students. Projects that are part of the curriculum usually require a preparation period of one semester, especially if they are integrated into lectures.
  • The school cannot provide a budget for these projects. Cooperation with companies must not result in any costs for students and/or professors.
  • The Business School Pforzheim would like to publish information about cooperations with companies and organizations, for example on its website, social media, and via traditional press releases.

Featured Lectures

Professors at Business School Pforzheim gladly offer lectures on selected topics for staff members in companies. The lectures provide a valuable opportunity for knowledge transfer and interactive discussion to integrate the latest findings into operational reality and thus strengthen corporate development. Please refer to the competence profiles and the competence search to find out more about their fields of expertise.



Research topics in companies and organizations may be pursued by professors of the school by means of externally funded projects. The cooperation between professors and companies in externally funded projects opens up opportunities to develop innovative solutions to current challenges. An exchange of scientific expertise with practical application leads to sustainable approaches that enrich both the academic and the entrepreneurial world. Please refer to the competence profiles and the competence search to find out more about their research areas.


Competence search

Please refer to the competence profiles (PDF) to find out more about our professors' fields of expertise, e.g. if you are interested in a lecture or a research project regarding a specific topic.

Please click on the following button to get to the competence search engine.

Cooperation opportunities with students: Internships, practical projects, theses and more.

Students at Business School Pforzheim have a lot to offer: a wide variety of skills, a broad range of expertise, and new perspectives that can be of great value to companies. We believe that close collaboration is mutually beneficial and therefore offer a variety of opportunities to introduce our students to companies in a hands-on approach.

These include

  • Internships and working student jobs,
  • field trips,
  • hands-on projects,
  • theses,
  • scholarships and awards.


Internships and working student positions

A mandatory part of the Bachelor's program at the Business School Pforzheim is an internship semester, which is usually completed as part of the 5th academic semester. This mandatory internship, which is integrated into the curriculum, consists of 100 working days (20 weeks) and is designed to provide students with practical experience and knowledge to complement academic content. The practical study semester should have a connection to the study program chosen by the students and give them an understanding of the processes and structures of a company or other practical workplaces. The practical semester is accompanied by lectures at the university. Interested companies can offer internships in several Bachelor's degree programs each semester.

Our students are keen to gain practical experience in addition to their required internship. This is why a large number of them take the opportunity to complete further internships during the lecture-free period (usually mid-July - end of September and mid-February - mid-March). In addition, a large number of students would like to work alongside their studies and pursue a working student job. Interested companies can offer internships and working student jobs in all study programs, a preparation period of three 3 months is required.

Please feel free to contact the Career Center with your offers.


Field trips

Student groups visit companies and organizations on field trips to work on specific research topics. Workshops on specific topics involve defining tasks in advance and recruiting appropriate student teams. Due to the curriculum, we require a semester's advance notice in order to integrate field trips or theme workshops into the lecture schedule.


Practical projects

Over the course of the 6th semester of a Bachelor's study program, student groups of up to 20 people spend the entire semester working on a topic assigned by a company or organization under professorial supervision in the form of a project paper or a focus seminar. The results are usually conceptions, profitability studies or similar, which are presented and made available to the clients. Interested companies can submit topics for most Bachelor's study programs each semester. As a rule, we require one semester's advance notice. Please do not hesitate to contact the Deans of Academic Affairs of the respective study programs if you are interested.



Students may write their thesis on relevant topics in their field of study in cooperation with a company and thus contribute to the further development of knowledge and research. The thesis usually completes the Bachelor's or Master's degree. Many students write their thesis as a hands-on paper in a company; in this case, students and the company enter into a contract for the thesis. The topic area and content issues of the thesis are determined together with the thesis supervisors at the university, i.e. the supervising professors, who also act as first examiners. A thesis in the Bachelor's and Master's study programs is usually completed within three to four months.

As a rule, the thesis is to be published as a scientific work, which is done by placing the completed thesis in the library. In the case of practical theses that are written in cooperation with companies, a so-called non-disclosure note can be applied for if there are confidentiality interests. Normally this non-disclosure note is limited to a period of time (3 or 5 years), however, in special cases an unlimited non-disclosure note (no publication in the library) can be granted.

Interested companies can offer topics for theses in all Bachelor's and Master's programs each semester, which will be processed on an academic level. In this case, please contact the Career Center.


Scholarships and sponsorship awards

Companies and organizations can award scholarships through their own foundations or contribute financially through programs such as the Deutschlandstipendium or the Demokratisches Stipendium in order to support talented students who have to finance their studies themselves and often do not receive BAföG support.

Support promising talent with scholarships and awards to further their academic and professional development. By supporting a scholarship recipient, sponsors often find promising talent for their company.

As part of the so-called prize season at Business School Pforzheim, sponsorship prizes are awarded to outstanding students each summer semester.

The following companies are currently represented as prize sponsors:

  • AEB GmbH
  • Aktivbank
  • CONNECT Personal-Service
  • ec4u
  • Ernst & Young
  • Jung von Matt
  • Lawyers Ladenburger
  • Robert Bosch GmbH

During the summer semester, Pforzheim University also awards prizes to Pforzheim students from all three of our schools for their above-average academic achievements. We are happy to accept new prize donors for both award ceremonies!

Please refer to the Pforzheim University website for further sponsorship opportunities.

Providing Perspectives: Endowed professorships as a link between business and science

Business and academia benefit equally from an endowed professorship: The additional professorship can be used to develop new, promising subject areas for which no public funding is available. The benefactor is given the opportunity to make an important contribution to the further development of research in areas that are relevant to him or her. In addition, he can specifically promote the training of highly qualified junior staff and recruit young talent at an early stage. He or she can contribute his or her ideas to the design of the professorship, participate in the naming of the professorship, and thus anchor what he or she considers to be important topics at the university. With his support, he enables Business School Pforzheim to set new accents in teaching and research, to significantly deepen its areas of expertise or even to develop new ones, and thus to further sharpen its national and international profile. This creates a win-win situation for both partners.

If you would like to use the potential of Pforzheim University and generate innovations, we would be pleased to hear from you. We would be happy to discuss with you the opportunities and possibilities that an endowed professorship can offer you.

Career planning starts as early as during the course of studies

The Career Center at Pforzheim University provides students with a sound professional orientation, improves their key qualifications, promotes their professionalism in career planning and in the application process, and intensifies their networking skills.

For companies, the Career Center is a central point of contact not only in the search for junior staff, but also for other projects in cooperation with the university. The close connection between university and practice supports graduates in the transition from study to work and improves their prospects of finding a job that matches their qualifications and personality.

Various offers of the Career Center are realized in cooperation with partners both within the university and externally.

Contact: careercenter(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de

Knowledge transfer

We take on topics that are of practical relevance for business and industry as well as politics and citizens. Conferences, lectures or other forms of discussion offer platforms for exchange at eye level and at the highest professional level. All sides benefit from this exchange. Sponsors become visible there as drivers of scientific progress.

Promote the transfer of knowledge to business and society and become an active part of the scientific discussion!

The HR Forum is set up as a practice-oriented series of events on current topics in Human Resources Management. Company representatives, students and professors from the Human Resources Management (Bachelor's) and Human Resources Management (Master's) study programs at Business School Pforzheim come together to take an in-depth look at the challenges that modern Human Resources Management faces.

The content of the forum events ranges from labor law, employee management, personnel marketing, personnel and organizational development to personnel management in Industry 4.0 and processes/structures of the personnel department. Speakers are mostly HR managers from companies who report on good practice examples, proven labor law experts and occasionally also university lecturers who discuss innovative developments in HR management. This professional exchange is supplemented by contributions from external experts on key topics.

In 2011, auditing companies and professors at Business School Pforzheim joined forces to form the Pforzheim Forum Taxes and Auditing e.V. in order to promote the Master's degree programs "Auditing and Taxation" and "Auditing, Business and Law" offered at Business School Pforzheim.

Our objective is the support of students and interested parties of both Master's programs. In cooperation with Business School Pforzheim, we award German scholarships to students of both programs. In addition, we improve the integration of hands-on work in auditing and tax consulting by offering internships as well as part-time employment contracts before and during the Master's degree program. In addition, students are offered courses to prepare them for their examinations and to support them on their way to their final exams.

Academic continuing education

In our two MBA programs, MBA International Management (English-language, full-time) and MBA Management (part-time), we offer content that prepares professionals and managers for the future. In our continuing education institute, we also offer an interdisciplinary and modular program that can also lead to the Master's degree in Strategic Innovation Management (M.A., part-time). The certificate program "Strategic Innovation Management" teaches content from all three of our schools of higher education and enables graduates to drive innovations forward in a targeted manner within the company


MBA International Management
MBA Management (part-time)
Master Strategic Innovation Management