Business PF


How do financial crises arise? What can be done against unemployment, old-age poverty and crime? What does it mean when economists look for women's skirts? And why do crack dealers live with their mothers? All these questions are related to economics, which is more than numbers, formulas and graphs. Economics is the art of making the best out of life, and you will learn this art in our basic lectures.

Curriculum and courses

During the first semester, you will learn basic economic thinking in microeconomics and how markets work – an elementary prerequisite for understanding how modern economies work. In the second semester, it's all about the big picture – unemployment, inflation, growth and the business cycle, all of which you will learn in macroeconomics. In the third semester, currency crises, trade, migration and globalization are on the timetable – and with them such sensitive topics as child labor or speculation with raw materials. In the fourth semester, you will deal with special topics of economics in our economic policy seminars and learn the standards and techniques of scientific work. In the elective courses, we also deal with specialized topics, such as business and corporate ethics, for which Business School Pforzheim has specific Bachelor electives.


The sound economic skills and understanding of the effects of economic policy decisions that you acquire during your studies here in Pforzheim will be very helpful for your future job. After all, if you want to make competent business decisions, you also need to understand the macroeconomic context. A sound understanding of the interaction of different international markets is becoming increasingly crucial. Not only if you, like many of our graduates, will work for internationally operating companies as a decision maker.

You will acquire differentiated and well-founded economic competencies as an optimal tool for your career – regardless of which industry, task or subject area you choose. Critical questioning, analytical thinking and an understanding of economic interrelationships will help you score points not only professionally, but also in life. All economics courses are offered in German and English, another asset for your career.