Quantitative methods

"The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data." (The Economist, 2017)

Everyone is talking about topics such as "artificial intelligence" and "big data”. In our everyday lifes, we are surrounded by data, numbers and trends. In order to have a say in these matters, the main discipline Quantitative Methods provides you with the basics for understanding methods, models and the possibilities for applying them to business and economic problems.

In the first semester, we offer two lectures on important foundations of mathematics and we deal with analysis, linear algebra and financial mathematics.

In the second semester, you will learn to use mathematics to determine optimal solutions in the lecture "Mathematical Optimization" and to collect and prepare data and reliably describe samples in Descriptive Statistics.

In the third semester, data-supported decisions are prepared and analyzed for operational challenges: Here, quantitative models for "Operations Research" and probability calculation for "Inferential Statistics" are available.

In the quantitative methods of the first three semesters and beyond that in course-specific events in the further semesters, you will learn to deal with methods and to think in a model-oriented way. Thereby, the application with examples for your study program is not neglected.