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> Business Courses in French and Spanish

Course ID Course title Language ECTS-Credits Summer Semester 2024
IBU2141 Business Plan - Plan d'entreprise French 7 offered
IBU4090 Dossier d'Études French 5 offered
SIC1105 Cross Cultural Competencies French 2 offered
IBU2091 L' économie, les institutions, la société et le monde du travail en France French 6 offered
IBU2142 Business Plan - Plan de negocio Spanish 7 offered
IBU4090 Estudios Individuales Spanish 5 offered
SIC1106 Cross Cultural Competencies Spanish 2 offered
IBU2092 Economía, instituciones, sociedad y el mundo laboral en países hispanohablantes Spanish 6 offered

tbc = to be confirmed

last update March 9, 2024