National Accreditation

In Germany, all study programs of public or state-recognized universities are subject to a national program accreditation. If a study program has successfully passed the accreditation process, it receives accreditation for a fixed term. Accreditation may be granted with or without conditions and bears the seal of quality of the national Accreditation Council Foundation for the duration of its accreditation. The Accreditation Council Foundation is a joint institution of the German federal states in order to ensure the quality of studies and teaching at German universities.

In September 2020, 24 of the 26 programs of study at Business School Pforzheim successfully obtained program accreditation from the Accreditation Council until September 30, 2027. The accreditation was linked to two conditions. The fulfillment of these conditions must be proven by 29.10.2021.

The program accreditation is based on a nation-wide pilot project (“Experimentierklausel”) for which Business School Pforzheim was chosen as one of the partners. The accreditation process was organized by the national accreditation agency AQAS e.V. The agency’s assessment report was the basis for the foundation’s decision. The AQAS assessment can be found here.

Bachelor's programs

Please note:
All programs are taught in German, except for the B. Sc. Digital Enterprise Management

Degree programDegreeStart of studiesNote
Controlling, Finance and AccountingB. Sc. Winter / Summer semester 
Digital Enterprise ManagementB. Sc.Winter semesterCourses in English
Purchasing and LogisticsB. Sc.Winter / Summer semester 
International BusinessB. Sc.; (Double Degree)Winter / Summer semester 
International MarketingB. Sc.; (Double Degree)Winter semester 
MarketingB. Sc.Winter semester 
Marketing Communication and AdvertisingB. Sc.Winter / Summer semester 
Market Research and Consumer PsychologyB. Sc.Winter semester 
Media Management and Psychology of AdvertisingB. Sc.Winter semester 
Human Resources ManagementB. Sc.Winter / Summer semester 
Resource Efficiency ManagementB. Sc.Winter semester 
Taxation and AuditingB. Sc. Winter / Summer semester 
Business Information Systems, Management and ITB. Sc.Winter semester 
Business LawLL.B.Winter / Summer semester 

Master's programs

Degree programDegreeBeginning semesterNotesApplication deadlines
Auditing, Business and Law * M. A.Winter semesterlimited

June 1

Auditing and TaxationM. A.Summer semesterlimited

November 30

Controlling, Finance and AccountingM. A. (Option Double Degree)Winter semesterlimited: Admissions interviewJune 15
Corporate Communication ManagementM.Sc.Winter semesterlimited: Admissions interviewJune 15
Creative Communication and Brand ManagementM. A.Winter semesterlimited: Admissions interviewJune 15
Human Resources ManagementM. Sc.Winter semesterlimited: Admissions interviewJune 15
Information SystemsM. Sc.Winter semesterlimited: Admissions interviewJune 15
Life Cycle & SustainabilityM. Sc.Winter semesterlimited: Admissions interviewJune 15
Marketing IntelligenceM. Sc.Winter semesterlimitedJune 15
MBA International ManagementMBA (Option Double Degree)Winter- and Summer semesterlimited: Admissions interview, English programdeadlines
Management (parallel with employment)MBAWinter semesterlimitedJuly 31 (if places are still available, also up to 14 days before the start of program, at the latest)
Strategic Innovation Management (parallel with employment, module-based)M. A.Winter- and Summer semester January 31 and July 31


There will be no admission to the MABL in winter semester 19/20.

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