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IBM SPSS Statistics

Students of Pforzheim University have the possibility to use the following SPSS modules:

  • SPSS Base
  • SPSS Regression Models
  • SPSS Advanced Models
  • SPSS Tables
  • SPSS Trends
  • SPSS Categories
  • SPSS Conjoint
  • SPSS Exact Tests
  • SPSS Missing Values Analysis
  • SPSS Complex Samples
  • AMOS
  • Data Entry Builder

These modules can be used in determined labs or on the home computer.

Usage of SPSS in labs at university

You have the possibility to use SPSS software on the computers in the Marketing Lab (W2.1.14) and the Logistics Lab (W2.3.12 and W2.3.14). These computers have priority for license granting, so the operability in these labs is guaranteed.

Usage of SPSS on the home computer

SPSS can be installed by students on their own computer. Before installation a VPN-connection to university must be established in order to use the software.


Download of SPSS to the home PC using Business School’s network drive


To download and install SPSS, use Windows Explorer (not the web browser!) to create a network drive (requires vpn connection with university) to the path \\\shares\spss


Select the command Go to / Connect to Server... in the Finder program.  Connect to Server. Under Server Address, enter the following path and click Connect:


The drive will now be mounted on the desktop. If you do not see the SPSS drive on your desktop, you can display it by selecting the Finder/Preferences command in the Finder program and checking the box for "Connected servers" under "General".

Installation of SPSS

Download the appropriate folder from the network drive or the web page to your computer and unzip the files if necessary (right mouse, extract all).  Thereafter you proceed the installation by running the file setup.exe.

After successful installation, the licensing wizard will be started automatically and the following information must be entered:

  • License for simultaneously logged in users
  • Name of the license manager or IP address

Open installation instructions with screenshots (applies to Windows, but is very similar for Mac).


Additional Information

SPSS is only operational, if your computer is

  • connected to the university server via VPN
  • free licenses on the licenses-server are still available at the time of logging in

Please close SPSS, whenever you do not want to use SPSS for a period of time. This is the only way to make the license available for other students. We ask for solidarity with all the other students who also want to use SPSS. If there is a shortage of SPSS licenses, lab directors are encouraged to check the created license logs for permanent usage. If a student has been logged in for more than 12 hours, their account will be blocked for future use of SPSS.

The computers in the university labs have priority for licensing, so that an automatic disconnection of external licensing may occur if licenses are needed in the local labs. Students are therefore requested to frequently save their results!