IBM SPSS Statistics

Students of Pforzheim University have the possibility to use the following SPSS modules:


SPSS Regression Models

SPSS Advanced Models

SPSS Tables

SPSS Trends

SPSS Categories

SPSS Conjoint

SPSS Exact Tests

SPSS Missing Values Analysis

SPSS Complex Samples


Data Entry Builder

These modules can be used in determined labs or on the home computer.

Usage of SPSS in labs at university

You have the possibility to use SPSS software on the computers in the Marketing Lab (W2.1.14) and the Logistics Lab (W2.3.12 and W2.3.14). These computers have priority for license granting, so the operability in these labs is guaranteed.

Usage of SPSS on the home computer

SPSS can be installed by students on their own computer. Before installation a VPN-connection to university must exist in order to use the software. This software does not run without VPN-connection!


The link to the software is . Password = Username = SPSS.
The file is very large with more than 4 GB. A download should only be carried out with sufficient wire-speed.


The following details have to be given after the installation completed:


License Type: concurrent license

Name of the license manager or IP-Address  -> Determine


The SPSS version is only operable if your computer


Is connected via VPN to the university server If there are free licenses when dialing in Please close SPSS when you do not use it anymore. In doing so the license is made accessible for other students. Therefore, we ask for solidarity, so that other students can use SPSS as well. In case there are bottlenecks for SPSS licenses then the lab supervisors will check the automatically stored license protocols. In case a student is logged in longer than 12 hours then the account will be blocked for future use. 


The computers in the university labs have priority for license granting, so external licenses can be disconnected before in case licenses in the lab are needed. Students are asked to save their results regularly!

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