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Digital Business Management combines digital technologies with business administration

Digital Management - Transform the world!

Our degree program combines business administration with digital technology management to optimally prepare you for the modern business world. We offer a wide range of practical experience, teach key skills and enable you to develop innovative digital solutions in projects. Start your career in business information systems and digital business management at one of the best business schools in Germany!

What will await you during your studies?

Our practice-oriented program strategically prepares for a successful career in business. In the first two study stages, we establish a solid foundation in General Management, Economics, Mathematics, and German. Additionally, we offer specialization options in digital business processes such as Computers in Business, Digital Business Applications, and Web Interface Design. In the second study stage, students deepen their knowledge in Management Accounting, International Economics, Quantitative Methods, and Law. Here, we also provide numerous opportunities for individual focus, including digital business processes, Business Process Management, Programming, and Data Management.

All at a glance!

What the program has to offer!

Our bachelor's degree program in Business Administration/Digital Business Management follows a holistic approach to provide students with a deep understanding of both basic business principles and digital management aspects. We combine theoretical foundations with practical application.

The program provides a solid foundation in the classical areas of business administration, complemented by insights into economics and the relevance of ethical and social responsibility in the business context. Through the study of quantitative methods and legal frameworks, students are empowered to analytically solve complex business problems.

Throughout the program, core information systems skills are reinforced, including algorithm development, data structures, data management, and business process management. Students also learn how to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to design and optimize digital business processes and models. In addition, topics such as digital transformation and IT governance and cybersecurity prepare students for the modern aspects of the dynamic digital business world.

Particularly noteworthy is the internship semester, which provides direct integration with professional practice and allows students to deepen their acquired knowledge in a real work environment. Capstone projects, such as the Applied Digital Transformation Project and the Bachelor's Thesis, synthesize learning and challenge students to develop independent solutions to complex problems.

Electives allow students to further specialize their skills in areas such as Project Management, Change Management, User Interface & Experience Design, and Process Mining. Studying current and future digital trends provides insight into innovative technologies and teaches critical evaluation and strategic use.

Our program comprehensively prepares students to understand and actively shape the challenges of digital transformation. Graduates are well equipped to succeed in various fields within the digital economy and assume leadership roles.

Module overview of the Bachelor's Digital Business Management (SPO 2024) Module overview of the Bachelor's Digital Business Management (SPO 2024)

Your Benefits from the study program!

In the Pforzheim Digital Business Management program, we offer students a great environment for their academic and professional careers. This program prepares graduates to design, evaluate, optimize, and implement IT solutions for global, internet-based business processes with the most relevant future topics. Special emphasis is placed on internationality, innovation management, sustainability, and globalization.

German courses are included for international students. Our Business School ranks among the top 5% of all business schools worldwide - this is confirmed by international accreditation by AACSB and our graduates.

Whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur, consultant, manager, or specialist: Learn in an international environment how to connect the most important study contents in the age of digitalization to lead companies visionary, responsibly, and successfully into the future.

The customized program combines a general, management-oriented part and a program-specific part with nearly equal weighting. The general part consists of selected subjects in business administration, economics, ethics, social and intercultural competence, quantitative methods, and law. In the program-specific part, you will acquire skills in the following areas:

  • Digital business models
  • Digital business processes
  • User Experience Design, Web technologies
  • Big Data Management
  • Digital business applications
  • Electronic markets, electronic data interchange, integration of enterprise applications
  • Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce
  • Supplier Relationship Management, E-Procurement
  • Programming
  • Project Management
  • Change Management in a global context

The Digital Business Management program offers graduates excellent career opportunities.

Graduates of our program are equipped with a wide range of skills that qualify them for various professional fields. Among the areas in which our graduates work are business process management, where they analyze complex processes, optimize them, and lead digital transformation projects. In the field of enterprise resource management (ERP), they implement comprehensive software solutions that contribute to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.

The program also prepares for specializations in supplier relationship management and e-procurement, enabling graduates to digitize procurement processes and maintain strategic relationships with suppliers. In customer relationship management and e-commerce, they can develop digital distribution channels and optimize the customer experience.

Furthermore, graduates acquire in-depth knowledge of electronic data interchange and the integration of enterprise applications. This enables graduates to seamlessly connect systems and control data flows within and between organizations. Web technologies, user interface design, and the development of web applications are other areas where they ensure a user-friendly and effective online presence with their expertise.

Moreover, our graduates are equipped with the necessary skills for change management in a global context. They can successfully manage not only technical changes but also cultural and organizational transformations in internationally operating companies.

The solid foundation in business administration paired with specific knowledge in digital business management makes our graduates sought-after professionals in the German business world as well as internationally. The linguistic, cultural, regulatory, and institutional aspects conveyed in the program enable them to effectively operate in different cultural contexts and meet the challenges of globalization.

Anna-Lena-Puett, Job, Company

I completed my studies at the International Bachelor's Program in Business Administration/Digital Business Management (B.Sc.). The program was transformative and gave me a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Digitalization is fundamentally changing industries and economies, and I learned how to navigate and thrive in this dynamic environment.

What attracted me to this program was its innovative curriculum and recognition by AACSB, ensuring high-quality education. The program covered diverse subjects, including digital business models, programming, user experience design, data management, and project management. The emphasis on hands-on learning and theoretical foundations equipped me with the agility and adaptability needed for success in the digital age.

The program's international environment was a highlight. It facilitated collaboration and cultural exchange among students from different backgrounds, enriching my learning and preparing me for the global nature of modern businesses.

I am grateful for the opportunities this program has provided me, paving the way for a career focused on driving digital innovation and transformation. I gained expertise in business process design, enterprise resource management, and customer relationship management, making me ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Graduating from one of the most prestigious business schools in Germany's most vital economic region has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions to the digital business world.

Is this program the right choice for me?

Are you ready for a programme that bridges the gap between business expertise and the dynamic world of digital technologies?

Do you have a keen interest in the mechanisms behind successful businesses and want to understand how digital innovation is shaping the economy and society? Are you fascinated by the idea of optimising business processes, making data-driven decisions and navigating companies through the challenges of digitalisation?

The Digital Business Management programme is designed for those who want to bring their analytical and creative thinking to the digital business world. If you enjoy team-oriented project work, show a high level of initiative and have a good command of English, then this programme is perfect for you!

We aim to attract outstanding students from around the world who are committed to a career in digital business management.

Study requirements

Admission requirements

Admission is based on the grade of the applicant's university entrance qualification.

1) A weighted overall university entrance qualification grade is calculated as follows:

  • Average grade of the university entrance qualification = 50%
  • Individual grades of the university entrance qualification in mathematics = 30%
  • Individual grades of the university entrance qualification in English = 20%


2) English language requirements

Candidates must have an adequate knowledge of English in order to be admitted to the competition. English language skills must be at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages. This is equivalent to a TOEFL score of at least 72 (IBT), 188 (PBT) or 543 (ITP). The IELTS equivalent is 5.5. Cambridge B2 First (Scale min. 162), C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency are also accepted.


3) Admission for applicants with a non-EU university entrance qualification need to fulfill two additional requirements before applying:

  1. Recognition of documents. The documents (university entrance qualification) need to be submitted to the International Office of Pforzheim University or to the Studienkolleg Konstanz (Studienkolleg der Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften in Baden-Württemberg).
  2. Application for an interview. The interview will take place online via video call or in person if the applicant is in Germany.

Application information

Application deadline

15th July is application deadline for entry for winter semester (semester starts at the end of September/ beginning of October). The application deadline applies to both EU and non-EU applicants.

Please note the deadline is a cut-off deadline and applies to both EU and non-EU applicants. If the end of a deadline falls on a Sunday, public holiday or Saturday, the deadline ends at the end of that day and is not extended until the end of the next working day. The application portal will be open from mid/end April.

Additional deadline for non-EU applicants

Non-EU applicants need to submit their university entrance qualification documents and to schedule an interview before 31st May.

The interview will be held before the application deadline of 15th July.


More information regarding the application process at Pforzheim University

Please find here more information regarding the application process and the admission requirements at Pforzheim University.

Tuition Fee

There are no tuition fees for German citizens, citizens of EU or EEA countries

International students with a high-school entrance qualification from non-EU countries have to pay tuition fees of 1,500 EUR per semester on the basis of the Baden-Württemberg State University Fees Act (except graduates from „Deutsche Auslandsschulen (DAS)” who are always exempt).

Tuition fees detailed information.


Student Service Fee

The student service fee is 116 EUR per semester (incl. regional public transport ticket) for all students.

Apply now

The application portal is activated from 01 May to 15 July.

1. Application on

You will receive your applicant ID (BID) as well as your applicant authentication number (BAN), which you will need for your application to Pforzheim University. This step is omitted for applications to a higher semester.


2. Registration at Pforzheim University

After a successful registration, you can apply for current degree programmes at Pforzheim University, check the status of your current applications or complete applications that have not yet been submitted. Please remember your login information! You will receive an email with a link to activate and confirm your user account.


3. Application at Pforzheim University

Log in with your username and password. You will then be guided through the application process. In accordance with the current Hochschulvergabeverordnung (HVVO), you can submit up to three applications for admission.

Please note:

If you have more than one DoSV application, please prioritise your study preferences on You can find the dates and further information here.

Transmission of your documents to Pforzheim University in the case of matriculation/enrolment

Send the required documents with the signed application for enrolment by the deadline.

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For international students: Recognition of university entrance qualifications through the International Programmes Office must be applied for by 31 May 2024.

Page of the International Program Office

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Applications will be accepted from 1 May to 15 July

Go to the application portal


Contact information

E-Mail: dbm(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de

Phone: +49 7231 28 6095

Room: W2.4.32 (Secretariat) and W2.2.23 (Office)

Online Appointments

If you need a short informational discussion about the Digital Enterprise Management study program, we offer you the opportunity to contact us via Teams or similar platforms. You have the choice whether you would like to speak with one of the available professors or a student.

If you are interessted in a meeting, please contact us via E-Mail. You can directly schedule a personal conversation with Prof. Dr. Schuster via Teams here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Postal address:

Tiefenbronner Straße 65

75175 Pforzheim


Programme Director:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schuster

Office: W2.2.23