Module handbooks and syllabi

A module handbook contains a description of all relevant modules for a program. These include information about examination regulations. Program goals, content or literature references. 

Each curriculum consists of various modules, which are conclusive content-wise, coordinated in terms of time and which have the objective to convey the defined competencies and content. 

The module descriptions are standardized descriptions, which set the framework for a module and its enclosing courses. 

These are complemented by syllabi, which can be found on the e-campus. They are course descriptions that refer to a specific semester and that refer to a specidifv semester and supplement the general information from the module handbook.


Module handbooks german SPO2019

The module handbook of the following courses of study consists of two parts: the comprehensive part and the part on the course focus (exceptions: BIB, BMMWP, BIM, BDEM and BWR):

The module handbook of the following study programs is summarized in one document each:


Modulhandbücher deutsch SPO2016

Das Modulhandbuch der folgenden Studiengänge besteht aus zwei Teilen: dem übergreifenden Teil sowie dem Teil zum  Studiengangsschwerpunkt (Ausnahmen: BIB, BIM, BDEM und BWR):

Handbook of Modules english SPO2016

The handbook of modules of the following bachelor programs consist of two documents: "Modules Common Curriculum" and "Major" (Exceptions: BIB, BIM, BDEM and BWR):