SIC Program: Social, methodological and intercultural competencies

The aim of the SIC Program is the promotion and further development of social, methodological and intercultural competencies, also referred to as key qualifications or soft skills. In addition to professional skills, these competencies are becoming increasingly important for individual skillsets and personell selection.


For this reason, the teaching and training of soft skills is of great importance for the degrees leading to professional qualification at the Business School Pforzheim.


Trainings in small groups with student tutors

In the SIC Programm you will work mainly in small groups led by student tutors. Right at the beginning of your studies, we want to familiarize you with other forms of learning and working than the later lectures in larger groups. This will be useful and helpful for your further studies. Also, working in small groups makes it easy for you to get to know your fellow students and make new contacts with students from the higher semesters.

In the SIC Program you will attend trainings and workshops dealing with:

  • communication skills
  • presentation techniques
  • teamwork
  • business simulation
  • business administration case study
  • cross cultural compentencies

The contents of these trainings are an integral part of your study program. They will be an important basis for the following specialized courses. Soft skills are important for your studies as well as for your future career.


SIC introductory weeks: useful information and first lectures

Apart from the soft skills trainings, we provide you with a lot of useful information for an easy start of your studies, e.g.

  • study and examination regulations
  • IT of the business school
  • learning techniques


Initial lectures will provide you with first insights into the various disciplines of business administration as well as interdisciplinary topics, e.g.

  • Ethics for Businiess Schools
  • Introduction to Business Information Technology.


Overall, the SIC Program offers a large variety of trainings, lectures and information sessions. The progam helps you to start easily into your new student life and get to know your fellow students. We are looking forward to seeing you!