Business PF

Goals and Learning Objectives


Learning objectives

Upon completion you will...

Responsible leadership in organizational contexts

1. Knowledge of leadership principles

2. Application of leadership principles                 

3. Critical reflection of leadership concepts

…have profound expertise in leadership principles and management skills needed to successfully in organizational contexts.


Creative problem solving skills in a complex business environment

1. Ability to recognize problems

2. Ability to analyze problems

3. Creative problem solving

4. Ability to communicate problems

…be capable of developing innovative and effective solutions for complex tasks in an unfamiliar and volatile business environment.

Applied research skills

1. Knowledge of research methods

2. Competence of relevant research methods

3. Ability to obtain innovative results with relevant   research methods

…be able to adopt appropriate research methods and tools to concrete questions to offer compelling and innovative findings.

Innovation Management

1. Basic knowledge of  operational innovation process

2. Ability to assess the innovation potential of a company

3. Ability to develop complex technology strategies

 …be able to gauge companies' potential for innovation and change, to stimulate innovative processes and to manage the implementation of innovation.

Management of the challenges of global sustainability and awareness for social and corporate responsibilities

 1. Basic knowledge of sustainability issues

2. Identify and analyze problems of sustainability and their causes

3. Develop sustainability strategies

…be able to identify, analyze and handle the challenges of global sustainability and develop awareness for social and corporate responsibilities.

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