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Interdisciplinary Master's in Information Systems: Business Informatics studies with a focus on digital transformation at Pforzheim University

Unique Master's program in Information Systems with a holistic view of people, tasks, and IT.

The M.Sc. Information Systems (MIS) focuses on the innovative design of digital transformation through IT services, strategy, and organization. The program emphasizes solutions for future-oriented business models and cloud-based end-to-end business processes.

This bilingual, internationally accredited program allows you to deepen your understanding of the interrelationships between business informatics, applied computer science, and business administration.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Innovative topics with a focus on digital transformation
  • Interdisciplinary connections and a wide range of choices in the areas of IT and management
  • National and international accredited lecturing, as well as the opportunity for a double degree with the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics (SEB LU)

The MIS program addresses current topics, trends, and technologies in business informatics through its courses. Practical projects and final theses benefit from an excellent network of company contacts, learning and working in small groups, individual supervision, and close personal contact with the professors.

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