Business PF

The Pforzheim Model

The Pforzheim Model represents a bachelor’s education based on a wide range of topics on the one hand and in-depth expertise in a given specialization on the other hand. This model has been widely known and appreciated by employers. Based on their range and expertise, alumni of Business School Pforzheim are well prepared a dynamic, interdisciplinary, global, and digital environment. 

The Pforzheim Model is also called the 70:30-model. All 14 bachelor's programs in business administration and in business law share a common idea: About 70% of the courses are part of the common core shared by all business administration programs. These are mainly courses from the fields of business administration, economics, law and quantitative methods. About 30% of the study program consist of courses within the spezialization chosen by the students when applying for a specific bachelor’s program. 

Based on a wide range of disciplines and in-depth expertise in their spezialization, alumni are well trained to master new challenges and changing business landscapes in the course of their careers.