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It is a nice tradition that every winter semester a batch of MBA students from our longtime partner university in Wyoming is visiting Pforzheim University. This year a group of 14 US MBA students and staff from University of Wyoming took part in the so called “International Experience Program” which is a mix of lectures, talks by top executives from German industry, company visits and travels within Europe. Prof. Dr. Dirk Wentzel and Sabine Schnabel from Pforzheim University had put together the attractive program and made sure that the Pforzheim MBA batch met with their American peers in classroom. Previous to their visit the Wyoming students had done some research on different German industry sectors which they had to compare to an American example as a frame of reference. The outcome was then presented to the Pforzheim MBA students in this mutual session.

For many years the University of Wyoming has been an important partner when it comes to student exchange with Pforzheim University.  Currently one of our third semester MBA students is spending his semester abroad at the American institution which is a great opportunity to gain additional international experience and broaden the horizon in a personal as well as professional way. MBA students in Pforzheim are even able to do a double degree with the University of Wyoming.      

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