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Visual Design and Production-new course offering

Professor Dr. Jan Of, Visual Design and Production

Due to high demand and interest, Pforzheim’s Business School offers a new course for the master programs called Visual Design and Production. The course equips students to develop appropriate marketing and design strategies after assessing the visual appearance of companies’ products and branding. At the same time, it offers students from various master programs to collaborate and share ideas with different focus areas, such as corporate communication, business administration, creative communication and brand management.

Visual Design and Production is taught by Professor Dr. Jan Of, a consultant in strategic design and marketing management who stated: "in the course, Visual Design and Production, you learn to approach design- and brand-specific topics in a structured way. You get to know the relevant stakeholders of a design process and develop target-oriented design strategies in team work.”

Salome, a student from Germany in the Corporate Communications Master Program, gave rave reviews about this course.  She said, "this course was really interesting and demanding at the same time. It was exciting to get an insight in the strategic work behind product and brand design. At the same time, it was quite challenging to leave one’s usual focus, which is communication in my case. However, in the end, it helped a lot to widen the perspective and to learn more about design in general.”

An American student from the MBA program also shared her opinion: “I enjoyed the new course offering because it was a mixture of students from various master programs. The diversity made the discussions more enriching as we all have different perspectives and background knowledge.”

Text: Hellen Phan-Lesti, MBA class of 2019 / MBA Office
Photos: MBA