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Adriana Rotaru, Romania, MBA Class of 2015
Expert Global Operations, 1&1 IONOS SE

Why did you choose to study at Hochschule Pforzheim?
“I chose Pforzheim MBA because I was planning a radical change in my career while raising a 3 year old. Pforzheim MBA met all requirements I had for a business school: well rated school in Germany [check], situated in the proximity of large companies [check], family friendly [check], business oriented curricula [check]. Pforzheim MBA was a no brainer.”

What advice would you give to those applying?
“1. Think first what you want to achieve. Make your check list and then ask the MBA Office and alumni for information to verify your requirements list.
2. Keep a radically open mind. While you’re focusing on your end goal, and your check list, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity that lies behind the corner.”

What did you think of the MBA’s use of case studies?
"The case studies helped me understand and work better with the concepts I was learning. I believe Pforzheim MBA has an optimal combination of theory, concepts, frameworks and their practical implementation. After 5 years, sometimes I still go back to some of my assignments to get some ideas for my current work.”

Thank you, Adriana!