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Which benefits offers Digital Enterprise Management to you?

In the Pforzheim DEM, we provide the academic and professional edge that will provide our students withdistinct competitive advantages for the business of tomorrow. This program is aimed at enabling its graduates to design, evaluate, optimize and implement IT solutions for global, internet-based business processes with the most relevant future topics: International, Innovation Management, Sustainability and Globalization.

Top Reasons for our DEM


Our Business School is one of the top 5% of all business schools worldwide - this is confirmed by the international accreditation by AACSB and our graduates.


You will be trained in a theoretically sound and consistently practical manner and thus very well prepared for your career start.


A semester abroad, foreign guest professors, international students on campus and English-language events will prepare you for a career in an international environment.


Social responsibility and sustainability are important to us, because we belong to the Champions Group of the United Nations. You can obtain an ethical certificate (Ethicum) and will be prepared for the challenges of the future.


We want to promote your personality. To this end, we offer you a wide range of opportunities such as mentoring by professors, active participation in student initiatives or series of events with companies and former students of our university.


Thanks to the three faculties of Economics & Law, Technology and Design, the university offers you the opportunity to take part in interdisciplinary events or the Studium Generale and thus to look beyond your own horizons at the university. 


We prepare you best for the challenges of the future by means of a broad basic training and the occupation-specific specialisation in a course of study chosen by you.


Thanks to our good networking with companies, our graduates are excellently prepared for entering the labour market and they are very successful in the transition to professional life as well as in their further careers.

Information & Offering

Enrolment fees

An administrative fee of about 180 EUR in the first semester has to be paid (incl. contribution to the student union and a ticket for free public transport within the City of Pforzheim for the whole semester).

Details of the fees:

  • 82€ Student union fees
  • 70€ Administrative costs contribution
  • 8€ Student's society contribution
  • 20€ Fee for the student's identity card (provided that no identity card is already given)

Re-Enrollment fees

An administrative fee of about 160€ EUR per semester has to be paid (incl. contribution to the student union and a ticket for free public transport within the City of Pforzheim for the whole semester).

Tuition fees

Please note that the state of Baden-Württemberg charges tuition fees for non-EU students.

You receive further information here: Baden-Württemberg STUDY GUIDE

Costs of living

Student life in Pforzheim is less expensive than in most other German university towns. In order to be able to live here with all the expenditures you can expect (health insurance, rent, etc.), you will need about 500-700 EUR per month. A dorm room here costs about 180 EUR per month, a meal in the students' cafeteria about 3 EUR.

Arrival support

  • We are happy to assist our new students. Before arrival, a welcome package with relevant information will be sent to admit students.
  • Through a buddy system, our students are supported from the beginning of the program.
  • We provide hands-on information prior to arrival: Pforzheim Survival guide, housing list, "steps to enrolment"
  • The International Office and the program coordinators assist students in any way possible.
  • Individual  mentoring and coaching of students by DEM/BWMI/MIS faculty members.
  • Continuous support is guaranteed throughout the year by the academic DEM office team members.
  • Buddy system: senior DEM/BWMI/MIS students support new students from the beginning of the program.
  • The Institute of Foreign Languages of Pforzheim University cooperates intensively with the DEM.
  • Counselling services for job applications in Germany and support for students with applications and CVs from the Department Career Service Pforzheim Business School.
  • The International Programmes Office of Pforzheim University supports students with accommodation and visa issues.
  • Pforzheim University student initiatives GEMINI: (exclusive support for international students) and CAMPUS X (on-campus company fairs) traditionally give support for international students as well.
  • Central student services unit of the Pforzheim University Business School.

What our current students say

Brian, Zambia

Why did you choose this program?

I look around me and I see how digitalization has taken the world by storm both at individual and companies' level. I had been curious about this and I was keen in wanting to learn, know more and acquire knowledge about it. Finding BS/BA Digital Enterprise Management Program at Pforzheim presented the perfect opportunity for me, hence, choosing to study this program.

What makes this program so special in your opinion?

The combination of Business Administration and Digitalization makes it special for me. I want to run a business of my own one day where I will apply business administration & management and digitalization knowledge acquired from this program. I strongly feel founding a business on these concepts will help in achieving my desired goal(s).

What are your experiences when applying and enrolling?

Applying and enrolling for this program at Pforzheim University is straight forward. There are no complications when all the required documents are provided. The biggest challenge for International Students is on getting the study visa. I would advise that one begin the visa process early.

What would you advise prospective students for the program and freshmen?

Prospective students just need to look around and confirm for themselves how digitalization is in everyone and everyday's way of living. This is a growing field and almost everything today is going digital. Choosing to do this program will be a gateway not only to new age of advanced technology, but to a wider range of both job and entrepreneurial opportunities. They will not go wrong by choosing this program. Freshmen needs to take this great opportunity with both hands and put in every effort to acquire the knowledge this program has to offer. I would also advise them to start early in prepping for the exams. 

Ronja, Germany

Why did you choose this program? 

My main purpose to study was to get a more general knowledge about how to do business. But i´m also stoked about computers and the diversity of what you can  achieve when using them in a right way so this study program was for me the best connection of both.

What makes this program so special in your opinion?

Compared to other universities and study programs "Digital Enterprise Management“ is a truly international study program which makes it appealing in my opinion. After travelling to a lot of different countries over the past years, for me one of the most important things is to keep my mind open to different cultures and look behind the typical german view on life.

What are your experiences when applying and enrolling?

Application as a german student is easy and does not take long or any specific requirements apart from an english language certificate. The only difference to applications for other study program is probably the interview, but this was a great opportunity to get a better and personal feeling about the study program and the university. 

What would you advise prospective students for the program and freshmen?

Basically what everybody is or will be telling you: don’t take uni too easy especially in the beginning.. but also don’t take it too serious and enjoy a great time with all the internationals! It´s worth it!

What do you expect for your future career?

After finishing my studies I hope to be able to work in different fields. I am not sure yet where I want to end up and I consider myself as a changing person so I prefer to be able to change my field of work over time. With this course I have the feeling that I will have a general knowledge, but not too specified to be only able to do one specific job. That´s something I really appreciate about the age of digitalization, you are actually able to work from wherever you are and it also opens up a great variety of new job characteristics.