Business PF

Our Vision

The Business School Pforzheim is a well-recognized business school in Germany. For high-achieving, motivated students, it is a first choice among public universities in Germany. For employers, it is a primary source of qualified employees.

Our Mission

Business School Pforzheim’s mission statement focuses on our distinct practice-orientation:

  • To provide a high level of academic education in applied business to prepare our students for successful professional and managerial careers in a interdisciplinary, dynamic, global, and digital environment and to impart an understanding of associated responsibilities.
  • To make intellectual contributions based on research that can be applied to contemporary business issues, to classroom instruction or to enhance the knowledge base of the faculty’s disciplines.
  • To engage with and capitalize on the potential of the many attractive companies in our area to mutually benefit both our students and the companies themselves.

Guiding principles to accomplish our mission and goals

  • We make our first and foremost priority the student and prospective student of the Business School (student focus).
  • We capitalize on the strength of the faculty – including both academically and professionally qualified faculty. Due to the size of our school, we are able to build on a broad spectrum of specialist competences and skills represented in our diverse faculty (strength and diversity of faculty body).
  • We encourage a high degree of faculty-student interaction through individualized consultation and mentoring (faculty-student interaction).
  • We provide high-quality, contemporary curricula that cover the diversity of functions and processes in a digital environment that sustain successful enterprises (contemporary curricula).
  • We develop critical-thinking skills by considering business theory and its application, exploring complex problems, creative problem solving, decision-making, personal responsibility, and leadership. This enables our students to acquire lifelong learning skills (critical thinking).
  • We prepare students for the challenges of global business by developing an international culture within the school and by facilitating international exchange. We encourage teaching and learning in at least one foreign language as well as participation in exchange programs to study and work in other cultural environments (international culture).
  • We create a collaborative environment for students and faculty that emphasizes communication, mutual respect, innovation, individual initiative, service and pursuit of excellence (collaborative environment).
  • We encourage and support student initiatives (student initiatives).
  • We appreciate the critical importance of the administrators and support staff in achieving the School’s mission (appreciate support staff).
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in teaching, research programs and processes (continuous improvement).
  • With a view to practical requirements, we prepare our students to sustainably face the challenges posed by economic, social, and ecological developments in a global environment (sustainable development).

Our goals

  1. To continuously improve the national and international attractiveness of the Business School and of our programs and to communicate our distinctiveness to internal and external stakeholders to strengthen the enthusiasm for the school (Competitiveness and Communication).
  2. To further improve the infrastructure for digitalization of teaching and learning and to make sure that our curricula are up to date with respect to the challenges of digital transformation (Digitalization).
  3. To attract high-potential students, both nationally and internationally, and to provide them with innovative education and high-quality services so that our graduates will attain competitive advantage and professional success (Admission, Quality of Education and Services).
  4. To further enhance internationalization within Business School Pforzheim to prepare our students best possible for successful careers in a global business environment (Internationalization).
  5. To maintain and intensify our excellent relationships with companies and with our alumni to our mutual advantage and to make use of innovative collaboration with companies/practice (Practice-Orientation).
  6. To stimulate and support applied research, also with respect to third-party financed applied research (Applied Research).
  7. To further enhance the positioning and the success of our master’s programs, both the specific consecutive master's programs and our career-enhancing continuing education offers (Master’s Programs).
  8. To prepare our students to understand and to face the challenges posed by economic, social and ecological development (Sustainability).
  9. To prepare our students for an interdisciplinary business environment (Interdisciplinarity).