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Business Process Modeling with Innovator and Smart Facts - Modeling expert coaches students

Companies today have to react quickly and flexibly to market trends. Because modern IT has strongly changed and, above all, accelerated customer behavior and the way trends emerge. The basis for the digital future are digital business processes and new business models, all of which are implemented by new technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Enterprise Mobility or Big Data.

In order to be well prepared for the future, it is especially important for the students of the bachelor program Digital Enterprise Management to learn the basics of Business Process Management and the modeling of business processes with BPMN: to experience them, to learn how to apply them and to work with it. By modeling concrete sales and purchasing processes with Smart Facts, they will learn on the one hand how to use an innovative modeling tool and on the other hand how to understand the processes and align them with customer needs, organize them efficiently, control them in a goal-oriented manner and improve them.
But business process management also requires experience and a sense of proportion. Andreas Ditze, Managing Director of MID, contributed many years of modeling experience to the workshop. In stimulating discussions with the students he coached the students to develop better solutions and to improve the current models.

With an outlook on the modeling of enterprise architectures, software systems and databases with the Innovator product suite, a work-intensive, inspiring workshop came to an end that provided all participants with a lot of benefits.

Owais Younus, student in the 3rd semester DEM, has summarized it like this:

„The BPMN Workshop was really informative … I liked the way, how Mr. Ditze thought. He was very experienced and professional and I learnt, how to create understandable BPMN models.”

Prof. Dr. Joachim Schuler is also very satisfied: "Thanks to the great experience of Mr. Ditze and his great examples, everyone was able to learn a lot. And thanks to the cooperation with MID, our students can use innovative modeling systems with Innovator and SmatFacts."

The Innovator product line and Smart-Facts are manufactured by the Nuremberg-based software and consulting company MID. The company employs more than 140 people, most of whom work in German-speaking countries (Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Zurich). MID focuses on the modeling of processes, software and databases and the use of modeling in IT projects.

Feedback from the internship

Mandatory Internship in Bachelor's program Digital Enterprise Management Kaloian Boyadzhiev at work

Kaloian Boyadzhiev, completed his mandatory internship at the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company EAD (VIVACOM) in winter semester 2018/19.  He had to report that:

"I am looking forward to be at the University again to share the amazing professional experience I have gathered during my internship.

I would also like to thank all professors for the great preparation. Everything I have learned during the past semesters have proved extremely valuable for the start of my professional career!"