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Student Initiatives


Gemini is an independent student initiative that takes care of the university's international students.

  • The meaning of the word Gemini is "twin". The idea here is that every incoming student, who is interested in, gets a German twin - a buddy
  • Their slogan, "Nations Together", describes their goal to support intercultural exchange

  • Please find more details on Pforzheim University's great Gemini team, their services, excursions and other activities here


Special note should be given to the student committees UStA and AStA. Not only do they help students by giving advice and taking care of problems; they also offer a broad athletics and relaxation program. In addition to planning parties to kick back and relax with fellow students, they organize numerous sports activities, including badminton, basketball, soccer, jogging, judo, climbing, mountain-biking, swimming, skiing/snow-boarding, table tennis, dancing and volleyball. The athletic success of the students is remarkable; for instance, the Pforzheim University basketball team has been German university champion several times.

Campus X is a student initiative that creates a platform for careers and contacts for enterprises and students.

This initiative organizes the business contact fair X-Day once per semester at the University. This fair makes it easy for students to apply for internships, thesis projects, and entry-level positions.

Campus X also offers career services, such as training sessions, workshops and case studies.

Additional opportunities to work on a professional career are offered to students by the student advertising agency Werbeliebe.

A creative, interdisciplinary team of students works on interesting projects for well-known companies, which enables the students to broaden their professional experience and gain special knowledge through practical and multi-disciplinary work experiences.

Besides being an advertising agency, Werbeliebe also puts out the popular "Marketing Digest" magazine that is published once per semester and provides interesting articles on marketing practice and current university news.

Werbeliebe has become quite popular through the organization of Refill – the brand event. This convention, which is unique in southern Germany, offers Pforzheim students first-class lectures and interesting workshops on brands and advertising, presented by the largest German advertising agencies and business enterprises.

The AdA-crash course is an offer for additional qualification by the student initiative Persolve in cooperation with Pforzheim University and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Nordschwarzwald (Northern Black Forest).

Sstudents have the possibility to acquire in compact form the aptitude as instructor according to the Ordinance on Aptitude of Instructors (AEVO).

With the “Education of Instructors” the participants acquire important professional and pedagogical knowledge for the professional instruction. Students receive information about the planning and implementation of the instructor program; this includes for e.g. conducting a job interview and interviews with apprentices.

The VWI Campus group is an Organization at the University of Pforzheim. The main goal of this organization is to put a mechanism in place that will bring Industrial Engineering students, and student from other disciplines together.

Thanks to this organization different activities could be conducted such as Case studies - Business games, - Lectures, - Seminars, - Workshops, - Company visits, - Excursions, and Trips. Moreover the association also got a nice idea of building up a team activity and the Informal discussion. Via this Program Students got this opportunities to have not just scientific but also economic background, which contribute to their professional live.

To continue one major advantage is that searching for internships, thesis and even jobs opportunities is not more a big deal thanks to this great initiative. The responsibility to implement a new idea is possible by every student. Which to lead to much experience and knowledge for the future. Furthermore active participants could gain more soft skills, motivation, responsibility and teamwork behavior

UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, is an organization which forms part of the United Nations system. Since its inception in 1946, UNICEF has worked to protect and improve the lives of children throughout the world. Guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, it aims to achieve sustainable human development based on the observance of the rights of women and children. The UNICEF campus group wants to make through their work at Pforzheim University students on the grievances and needs of people in the world attention and awareness. By UNICEF campus group, students are informed about humanitarian issues and informed about the various service activities and projects of UNICEF. Likewise, UNICEF student group is the contact and address for all students who want to be active for UNICEF like.

Did you know that the world's most renowned universities and colleges build their own formula racing cars and compete against each other? Over 500 teams compete fiercely in the Formula Student, an international motorsport competition. And right in the middle of it all is the racing forge of Pforzheim University!

Students from all three faculties (Engineering, Business & Law, Design) work together on a fantastic idea and a big goal: to prevail against the competition from all over the world with their own formula racing car.

The Rennschmiede team travels with the racing car to various Formula Student events in Europe. Everyone works hand in hand for several days to achieve the best possible result - a unique experience that brings people together! The Rennschmiede Pforzheim can only be successful at Formula Student if the overall concept is right. This is why students from the Design and Business & Law faculties are so important. Degree courses such as Industrial Design and Transportation Design are in great demand for the design of the racing car. Our experts from Human Resources Management, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, IT etc. from the Faculty of Business & Law take care of the entire organization and handling.


Photo: Cornelia Kamper

Commeo is a student association by students for students. Our main task is to organize and carry out events at the university and in many locations in Pforzheim.
The initiative consists of around 50 active members from all courses and semesters.

Their main events include

  •     The Newie Party (the biggest event of the semester, where we get all new students on board)
  •     The O-Phase (introductory weeks for the newies)
  •     Nachtrauschen (pub crawl through Pforzheim's bars and clubs)
  •     Internal university events (sponsorship award ceremony, speed dating on study information day)
  •     End of semester parties, and much more.