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Name: Silvia-Daniela Pandrea

Nationality: Romanian

Education: BA in Journalism and Sciences of Communication

Professional Experience: Journalist, Corporate Communication

"After quite some years of experience, with a proactive attitude and a continuous learner typology, I felt that I was still missing something that scattered management and soft skills courses could not properly fill in. Soon, I started looking thoroughly for an MBA program that could meet some of my conditions. I finally found Pforzheim Hochschule program that offered much more than I expected.  
The key criteria for choosing the program were: AACSB accreditation - the most selective of the top three business accrediting agencies; two-years duration program – offering time to assimilate information as I have a non-business background; continuous access to the German language classes – providing access to a broader range of jobs on the German market; and at last, but not least, an affordable top 10 MBA in Germany.
While attending the program, I discovered that it was even better than it looked at first. The international exposure and the guest professors bring an extra plus to the program and make the international experience truly valuable. The decision that I have made will definitely change my career-track for good and will offer me the possibility to develop an international career as well." 

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Name: Ernst Jacob-Wendler

Nationality: German

Education: Bachelor of Science in Process Engineering

Professional experience: Quantitative Consultant in Banking and Software Engineer in the Automotive Industry

“I chose the Pforzheim MBA because the program is very comprehensive and focuses on topics that I believe will only become more important in the coming years: sustainable globalization and innovation. The professors have extensive professional experience and are able to provide both an academic and a practical perspective on the topics they teach. Finally, the diversity of backgrounds within the cohort allows us to share our experiences and learn from each other.”

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Name: Gabrielle Boimann

Nationality: United States

Education: Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, Bachelor of Arts in German Studies

Professional Experience: Account Manager in Syndicated Lending and International Trade within the banking sector“The MBA in Pforzheim encompasses the criteria I wanted to seek in an MBA program: AASCB accreditation, direct links to industry professionals, an international cohort, and a practical hands-on approach to real life issues facing the business world. The foundational business courses provide a holistic structure to prepare any professional of any background for facing issues within the business realm. With that, and it’s focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility, I knew the MBA at Pforzheim was the right fit for me. The program provides everyone with growth opportunities and the specializations they wish to pursue within their career.”

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Name: Guilherme Sauma Rezk Gomes

Nationality: Brazil

Education: Bachelor in Business and Management

Professional Experience: Senior Corporate Credit Analyst, Telefonica Brazil

„Recently I had to make the decision that would influence the rest of my professional and personal life. After graduating from a top Business college in South America and working for four 4 years, I  decided to continue my studies with an MBA. Why Hochschule Pforzheim? HS Pforzheim is the right choice due to the highest accreditation, highly qualified and experienced professors, colleagues with diverse cultural backgrounds for enriching discussions and the sustainable vision incorporate in the lectures available. At the same time, I have big ambitions for my career, and I want to be able to contribute to the Baden-Württemberg local community, share the innovative and sustainable vision the school provided me.”

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Name: Fengchun (Ricky) Mu

Nationality: China

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture)

Professional Experience: Key Account Manager, Murata, China

"The MBA program at Hochschule Pforzheim provides me with all insights of business administration. It will strongly boost my previous academic knowledge shifting from engineering to business function, by providing a good combination of courses, practical experiences, professional career talks, meeting with alumni etc.
One of the remarkable highlights of this program is that all professors have extensive experiences in both practice and academically. Furthermore, the small class size allows professors to discuss with each individual student in order to enhance their competency."

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Name: Paula Murmann
Nationality: Poland
Position: Energy Strategy Consultant, Accenture DACH

Class of 2021

"The MBA at Pforzheim University allowed me to enhance my skill set with a further business degree and complex problem solving abilities. The highlight of the program for me is the experienced faculty, staffed with professors coming from remarkable backgrounds. The course offering including Strategic Management, Marketing, Innovation Management and Digital Transformation modules, just to name a few, allowed me to develop valuable managerial skills.
I also enjoy the small class size allowing for a stimulating discussion and, thanks to our diverse cohort, I learned to work with colleagues from many different backgrounds."

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Name: Shvetang Pai Angle
Nationality: Indian
Position: Business Development Manager @ AUTO1 Group, Germany

Class of 2021

"The MBA coursework at HSPF can be summarized in two words- practical and challenging. Until today, I have spent hundreds of hours working on groups projects, individual assignments and writing academic papers. But, given the personal development that I have witnessed, all this effort is worth it.  Also, the cohort consists of young and motivated individuals, who just like me, want to excel in their career. These two factors- the coursework & the cohort- create a holistic learning environment to learn new management principles, analyze real-world business problems and present well-reasoned solutions.
Apart from academics, the MBA also provides me with access to its close-knit alumni network. I was able to tap into this valuable resource during my search for a working student position and career advice."

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Name: Ann Pham (My An)
Nationality: Vietnamese
Position: Global Risk and Control Manager at Teya, UK

Class of 2020

''The MBA International Management is a very practical and focused program. The MBA allowed me to significantly strengthen my skills and enhance my knowledge in different business aspects. I enjoyed exciting classes, real-life business cases, group discussions, and very practical and valuable company projects. Diversity was also the highlight of the program. I had opportunities to work with classmates from 8 different countries and cultures and have amazing friends. Our professors, experts in their field, are always enthusiastic about helping students, even now after graduation. Finally, the chance to connect with various companies and professionals from different sectors is also a very positive point of the MBA.
My MBA time at Pforzheim University was a great experience. I am happy that I made the right choice for my education and good preparation for my career.''

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Name: Franco Dias
Nationality: Brazilian
Position: LATAM/CA Head of Finance at Amazon Music, Spain

Class of 2020

“I had an incredible experience during my MBA in Pforzheim, where I was able to develop my business acumen, build a business network from zero in Germany, make great friends, and be exposed to different cultures.
I have to highlight the outstanding professors of this program, who bring to class their excellent market experience and combine it with the latest business academic know-how. That certainly helped me to get a great job in Germany.”

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Name: Ajita Shringarpure
Nationality: Indian
Position: Assistent Manager - Value Chain Transformation bei KPMG, Germany

Class of 2020

"The MBA, in my opinion, has several advantages. The excellent faculty and the small, diverse class size from 8 countries helped me gain a global perspective. It also allowed me to shift my career from the automotive industry to the consulting industry. The Alumni network is a huge support, as is the Hochschule's credibility in the industry; both of which proved very important during my job search. Overall, the MBA has changed my thinking, introduced me to some great opportunities and has let me make an important career transition."

Please feel free to reach out to me for any questions. I would be happy to help you!

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Name: Johannes Reuter
Nationality: German
Position: System Architect API Management, Release Manager CARIAD SE

Class of 2020

"The MBA was a great experience that I wouldn't want to miss. l gained a lot of knowledge, met great people and was able to get a double degree from Pforzheim and the partner university UW University of Wyoming in the US. This amazing time helps me also in my current job where I work closely with people from all over the world to create new mobility solutions."

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Name: Sanjeev Chauhan
Nationality: Indian
Position: Consultant, Management Business Group

MBA Class of 2019

"I have already lived and studied in Germany before, so I had the first-hand experience of the work and social culture. For me, doing the MBA in Germany was an obvious choice and doing that in one of Germany's top universities, it couldn't be better. Pforzheim MBA has a special focus on marketing and consulting, backed by the best-in-class faculty which through their professional experiences help us learn the ropes of these domains through group works, case studies and class discussions" I would always recommend this MBA program to any prospective student based on my personal satisfaction and growth."

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Name: Olaitan Awonusi
Nationality: Nigerian
Position: Head of Marketing and Communication, bredent medical GmbH & Co. KG

MBA Class of 2019

“The MBA in Pforzheim is truly all-encompassing, dealing with issues of today and tomorrow, such as sustainability, international business, innovation and digital transformation, in an era where yesterday´s solutions are no longer tenable. Even more interesting are the students who come from diverse backgrounds. We benefited from each other’s´ experiences in addition to those of the lecturers who have real life expertise in the subjects they teach. Upon all that I have already mentioned, it is very affordable!”

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Name: Areg Haytayan
Nationality: Armenian
Position: Customer Development Manager at Advantage Solutions

MBA Class of 2019

“What I truly appreciated about our MBA program is the selection of faculty and professors. They come from exceptional backgrounds with vast amount of knowledge and experience. Their practical as well as academic knowledge gives them the edge to convey their classroom material through real-life business cases and examples. Finally, they coached us how to enter the German labor market with industry insights and tips facilitating our road to success in Germany.”

Will be glad to answer any questions and respond to any queries.

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Nombre: Eduardo Rodríguez
Nacionalidad: Mexicana
Posición: Global EV Charging Growth Manager at Diebold Nixdorf, Germany

Generación del 2017

El MBA de la Universidad de Pforzheim fue la mejor decisión que pude haber tomado para impulsar mi carrera laboral;me permitió conocer otras industrias y aceleró mi desarrollo tanto en lo académico como en lo personal.
Pude convivir con gente de todo el mundo, visitar empresas, expandir mi red de contactos profesionales y hasta mejorar mi alemán.
Lo que hace tan especial a este programa es el enfoque dado a cada uno de los alumnos debido al tamaño reducido de los grupos y la estrecha relación entre la Universidad y las empresas regionales con alcance mundial.
Esta fórmula facilita enormemente la transición entre el MBA y tu primer trabajo al graduarte.    
Si te interesa saber más sobre el programa no dudes en contactarme. ¡Hasta pronto!"

Contacto Eduardo

Nome: Eduardo Rodríguez
Nacionalidade: Mexicana
Cargo: Sales Controlling na Häfele

Geração 2017

O MBA na Universidade de Pforzheim foi a melhor decisão que eu poderia ter tomado para avançar na minha carreira. Conheci mais sobre outros setores da indústria e acelerei meu desenvolvimento tanto acadêmico quanto pessoal.
Consegui conviver com pessoas do mundo inteiro, visitar empresas, expandir a minha rede de contatos profissionais e até melhorar meu alemão.
O que torna este programa tão especial é o foco dado a cada aluno devido ao tamanho reduzido dos grupos e à estreita relação entre a Universidade e empresas regionais de alcance global.
Este formato facilita muito a transição entre o MBA e o seu primeiro emprego ao se formar.    
Se você está interessado em saber mais sobre o programa, entre em contato comigo. Até breve!

Contato Eduardo

Name: Nnamdi Onyenuforo
Nationality: Nigeria
Position: Sales and Business development associate at MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH

MBA Class of 2016

"The MBA was and is indeed a practical and  international program, as we had 11 different cultures present. This gave me the chance to learn other cultures as we worked together as a team to solve real life practical case studies and researched on several aspects of the economy and how it relates to the business world. The program trains you on how to do an in depth analysis and being thorough with the ever changing business environment. It also gives you the chance to network amongst companies as lots of company visits are organized and also top executives in companies are being invited to classroom to share their experience and challenges in the business world. Through networking, most of us got jobs almost immediately after graduation. It was really an interesting experience. Please feel free to contact me if need be."

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Name: Gabriela Klewenhagen
Nationality: Mexican
Position: Digital Marketing Manager at SAP

MBA class of 2016

“Choosing the Pforzheim MBA Program is definitely a good choice if you want to boost your career. The academic quality of the program is supported by its accreditations and a big plus is the cooperation with Universities around the world, which gave me the great opportunity to study one semester in France.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. Hope to meet you here in Pforzheim!“

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Name: Paritosh Sharma
Nationality: Indian
Position: Product Manager IoT/Innovation at Bosch Power Tools

MBA class of 2016

"Close connections with the companies and a well-knit alumni network helped me getting better insights into various career development opportunities in the German market. The practical approach to studies and learning has imbibed a managerial approach with a strong theoretical reasoning, which now feels natural to me when I use them at work. The professors are readily available to help even after graduation. Alumni network and company contacts helped me find the right jobs and internships. The international environment and the intercultural values that the MBA offers changed the way I look at the world now. Coming from an engineering background, my transaction into the business world felt very natural because of the guidance, support and exposure I got from my MBA at Pforzheim University. It would be my pleasure to answer any of your queries."

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Name: Denise Joanna Tan
Nationality: Phillipinean
Position: Manager and Co-Founder of Jiujitsu Manila

MBA class of 2016

"Pforzheim MBA program builds its strong reputation on its quality of education complemented by the University’s cooperation with renowned German companies. Apart from its focus on sustainability and innovation, the uniqueness lies in the highly effective learning environment of internationally diverse students.

If you are interested to be part of the next MBA batch and have some questions regarding the program, please don't hesitate to contact me."

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Name: Ioana Olaru
Nationality: Romanian
Position: Business Analyst at Management Business Group

MBA class of 2016

"Groupwork with colleagues from more than 14 countries and classes on highly relevant topics have made the Pforzheim MBA a great platform for strengthening my leadership capabilities and expanding my business knowledge. Plus, living in Germany helps me improve my German.

I am looking forward to respond to your queries about the program."

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Name: Asad Malik
Nationality: Pakistan
Position:Global Marketing Manager at Nexperia

MBA Class of 2015

A truly holistic learning experience that assists it's recipients in developing integral tools to compete in the global corporate world of today. Primarily I feel that the presence of a very international atmosphere contributed to by students, faculty as well as alumni of the program allows for a unique environment where constructive dialogue is encouraged. The extensive contact with professionals from various market leading global enterprises further enhances the diverse course offerings and facilitate the ambitions of the student body through mentoring and project partnerships.    

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Name: Sally Ghaly 
Nationality: Canadian
Position: Senior Manager - Creative Planning + Production at PUMA

MBA class of 2014

"The company visit and guest lecture, organized by the MBA program, led to an opportunity to intern and write my Master Thesis with PUMA. Working for and studying the multinational company has been an invaluable experience."

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Name: David Cikurel 
Nationality: Turkish
Position: Project Manager at DHL Consulting

MBA class of 2014

"The consulting project with Siemens where we as a team managed the project as well as the main Siemens stakeholder, well structured international management curriculum taught in small classes of diverse students, who brought an array of perspectives into the topics, and one-to-one interaction with the professors who have successful business as well as academic careers in their fields all prepared me well to progressing my career in management consulting. The program also very well supplemented my quantitative skill set, acquired during my bachelor of engineering studies at Cornell and work experience in the finance industry, with core "soft skills". Feel free to reach out to me for questions on the program!"

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Name: Kerstin Keteci
Nationality: German
Position: Project Manager Corporate Marketing at Bosch

MBA class of 2011

"I studied tourism and business administration at FH Worms in Germany. Then, I worked as event and trade fair manager at Robert Bosch GmbH. After that, while studying in the MBA program at HS Pforzheim I spent one semester at the University of South Carolina in the US . Furthermore, I did an internship in product management and strategic marketing at Bosch. Now, after my MBA, I'm working as Project Manager in strategic marketing at Bosch, division Diesel Systems."

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Name: Andrei Moroc
Nationality: Romanian
Position: Shipping Origination Manager for Berenberg Bank

MBA class of 2011

"Before joining the MBA program I was a research analyst at a global business and investment research firm, working in the Romanian and Indian office. After completing two internships in Munich and Frankfurt and writing my Master thesis with Allianz Global Investors, I started working as a project manager at Ship Finance Hammonia Reederei in Hamburg. Please feel free to contact me in case of any questions."

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