Business PF

Career Development

Management and interpersonal skills courses

Courses such as project management, presentation and negotiation skills are offered throughout the program in order to help students develop both hard and soft skills and succeed in the global market.



Practical help: CV-Training, Interview Training

We bring experts to Campus to help students properly show their talents both in their resumés and in job interviews.



Alumni network, CampusX

Visits by Alumni and companies both on campus and in classroom are organized so that our students are in direct contact with the labor market.



Mentoring Program

Mentoring is a reliable and efficient instrument of guidance and support for our current MBA students that are matched with one of our MBA Alumni. The Mentoring Program stands for an intensive, challenging and mutually rewarding relationship of trust, concentrating on the mentee’s development of personal, social and professional competencies.



German language

Courses of the German language are offered throughout the length of the program so that our students can easily integrate to the German job market.



Company experience

We bring students in touch with more than 30 companies throughout their studies in various forms, both inside and outside of the classroom.

During third semester students may choose to participate in a company project. In 2020/21, for example, our MBA students worked in future oriented projects with Bosch, Faros Linen, KPMG and Mahle.

After a successful final presentation in front of Daniel Schmid (2nd from left), Head of Sustainability Operations, and Heino Kantimm, Sustainability Operations - Social Sustainability (2nd from right) at SAP, Walldorf.


Examples for Company Projects

In line with the Daimler AG/smart project, three of our students identified and analyzed additional added services for smart to provide for their customers to increase product attractiveness and sales.


The focus of the Henkel project lay on sustainable packaging in the beauty care industry. The task of our students was to examine the current situation at Henkel and more generally the beauty care industry. Furthermore they offered recommendations for action and improvement. 


The project with Siemens Healthcare aimed to improve their supply chain management. Our students created incentives and strategies to convince suppliers and distributors to join Siemens’ product related environmental campaign.


As a human resources related topic, four students developed a plan on "sustainable investment of employee pensions plans" for SAP.