Business PF

Andrés Melo, Colombia, MBA Class of 2020 Strategy Analyst, Qontigo - Deutsche Börse Group, Germany

What were two of the key takeaways from your time in the MBA program?
“I want to highlight the coaching sessions we had, focused on soft skills, negotiation, and effective presentations. These skills are key for any role, helping MBA Pforzheim graduates to stand out.
The main reason why I chose this program was to acquire academic and practical knowledge.”

How has your life changed since finishing the MBA?
“After successfully finishing my studies I shifted my career to the financial sector, which was my goal before starting the program. Now, I’m part of Qontigo - Deutsche Börse Group as a Strategy Analyst in Frankfurt, leveraging the different learnings and experiences that I acquired in the previous two years.”

What advice would you give to those applying?
“The MBA is the perfect setting for anyone to build or improve their business acumen, and strengthen their soft and hard skills by gaining practical and academic experience in different topics. Don't miss any opportunity to leverage and interact with the program's professors, which have outstanding practical experience and deep knowledge in technical topics.”

Thanks, Andrés!

Eduardo Rodriguez, Mexico, MBA Class of 2017, Strategic Sales Controlling at Häfele Gmbh & Co KG, Germany

Why did you choose to study at Hochschule Pforzheim?
“I wanted to work in Germany after graduation… the MBA program seemed to be very well connected with companies and institutions in Germany and even neighboring countries like Switzerland. It allowed me to increase my knowledge and experience in business topics…”

What was your career path like after graduation?
“I received a job offer already in the second semester due to a project done through the MBA program. However, it ended up not working out and a month after graduation I got the opportunity to start working at one of the leading companies in the furniture fittings industry worldwide. I am currently in charge of Sales Controlling for the Sales Director in Germany.”

What advice would you give to those applying?
“When applying, be yourself. The program benefits from all different backgrounds and perspectives, as this mix combined with critical reasoning and analytical thinking improves classes and learning in general for both students and teachers and makes learning way more interesting.”

Thank you, Eduardo!

Gabriela Klewenhagen, Mexico, MBA Class of 2016, Digital Marketing Manager at SAP, Germany

What was your career path like after graduation?
“I received an offer for a full-time job at SAP, which is where I started working as an intern during my MBA studies. I have been happily working there since 2015.
I did my bachelor in marketing, and wanted to focus more on digital marketing, which is what I am currently doing.”

What aspects of the MBA program would you tie to your success after graduation?
“The MBA program has an excellent reputation; this is helpful when applying for jobs at top employers in the area. Also, the MBA Pforzheim collaborates with companies that are top employers in the area.”

How has it been working in Germany since you finished the MBA program?
“I've been fortunate to find a job that I like in a global company, all the intercultural competencies I learned during the MBA came in handy. Also, SAP has received many awards for being an awesome place to work, so I can only say that it has been a positive experience.”

Thank you, Gabriela!

John Reed, USA, MBA Class of 2002, Gas Project Engineer at Eversource Energy, USA

What were two of the key takeaways from your time in the MBA program?
“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to study with and learn from students from other countries.
I appreciate the dedication of professors and staff who constantly provided a challenging curriculum that often integrated their professional experience into the teaching.”

How has your life changed since finishing the MBA?
“I purchased one business in 2003, founded a second business in 2007, and currently working on starting a 3rd business.  I believe The MBA program at Hochschule Pforzheim provided me the basis to confidently apply what was taught to me during the purchase acquisition of one company and to be able to successfully grow two companies over the last ~20 years.”

Why did you choose to study at Hochschule Pforzheim?
“Hochschule Pforzheim provided me a unique opportunity to study business administration in a foreign country, surrounded entirely by foreign students, which would not have been the case at U.S. business schools.  Also, the ability to work at a German company (Zeiss) and to be advised by a professor while writing my thesis in German…”

Thank you, John!