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Audit committee of the study programs

The audit committees of the study programs of the Business School – Faculty of Economics and Law (decentral PA W&R) are examination bodies in accordance to the study and examination regulations (StuPO).

The tasks in detail are defined in § 29 StuPO. The audit committees have the following tasks: 


  1. Appointment of examiners and co-examiners
  2. Assessing the eligibility of other study and exam performances in accordance with § 40
  3. Decisions on extensions for the thesis in accordance with § 20 paragraph 9 and exemptions from the publication requirement under § 21 paragraph 5
  4. Decisions on failure and fraud according to § 25 and the voidness of examinations according to § 26
  5. Determination of the overall results of the preliminary examination results and the final examination 


For decisions on a) and e) the consent of the examination office is required. 

Members are elected in the faulty council upon request of the study programs. An email to the faculty management with the formation of the new members (and/or the members who withdraw) suffices.