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Starting Shot for Summer Semester 2023: A Thrilling Dive into the World of Project Management!


It was the start of the Summer Semester 2023, and the MBA Students of the batch of 2024 were brimming with energy and enthusiasm after a well-deserved break. They were all set to plunge into the depths of business subjects, thirsting for knowledge and eager to learn more. Ms. Tanja Solombrino and Ms. Sabrina Mitrasch gave them a warm welcome, laying out the agenda for the semester. From academic subjects to projects, group works, electives, and excursions, everything was discussed in detail, leaving the students on the edge of their seats. They were particularly thrilled about the upcoming excursion to SAP, scheduled just a few weeks away.
Project Management was the first lecture of the semester. Prof. Dr. Frauke Sander, with over a decade of teaching experience and extensive consulting experience, was the mastermind behind it all. The students were excited to dive into the various topics that were being covered - from Scope, Time, Risk, Cost and Communications Management. But what really   got   them   going   were   the   teaching techniques of Prof. Sander. She made sure to follow every topic with exercises and case studies, forcing the students to think critically and reinforcing their knowledge. The students worked together in groups, brainstorming and sharing insights from their industry, which made for a rich learning experience.
To reflect on their newfound expertise, students were asked to design and deliver a Project Term Paper, building a sense of confidence and proficiency to take on any challenges they may face in their future roles as business managers and leaders. Indeed, the Summer Semester of 2023 was off to a great start, and the MBA Students of the batch of 2024 are ready to seize every opportunity to grow and learn.

Here’s what the students have to say-
"Throughout the first semester, I had the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, each possessing a unique mindset. Together, we tackled various management-related projects, which provided me with a novel and rewarding experience. This was especially true since I had never previously worked in an international setting.
Looking ahead to the second semester, I am eager to dive deeper into managerial topics and further develop my teamwork skills. I believe that honing these skills will serve as a valuable asset in my future career endeavours."

Hesameddin Haghi, Iran

Text and photos: Sourabh Jagtap, Class of 2024