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What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a reliable and efficient instrument of guidance and support for our current MBA students and focuses on their learning needs. MBA graduates with at least two years of work experience after their graduation (mentors) pass on their knowledge and experience to current MBA students (mentees). Mentoring stands for an intensive, challenging and mutually rewarding relationship of trust concentrating on the mentee’s development of personal, social and professional competencies. It enables the mentor to gather experience in areas such as consulting, learn about expectations of career starters and widen their network by getting to know other mentors. The mentee benefits from the knowledge and know-how of a professionally experienced MBA graduate and works on his/her own personal and professional development under the guidance of the mentor.


What does the Mentoring Program entail?

The mentoring program aims at bringing together successful MBA graduates with ambitious current MBA students. Elements of the mentoring program include consulting, transfer of knowledge, coaching, insight into daily business routines, support, feedback, networking and many other things that are needed in today´s challenging business world.


Who can be a Mentor?

Our mentors are MBA graduates with at least two years of work experience in a qualified, leading position after they graduated - this can of course also include self-employment. The mentors are willing to invest their time, personality and knowledge in committed students and offer them guidance and advice. Their tasks include sharing knowledge, giving general and career advice and support and opening doors for their individual mentees. The mentors support and guide their mentees by encouraging them, listening to them and asking questions, looking ahead and pointing out possible obstacles and challenges to them.


Who can be a Mentee?

Mentees are current 3rd semester students of our MBA International Management program. Their learning and development process is the focus of the mentoring program. They are obliged to ask their mentor for guidance and counselling and are responsible for their success within the mentoring program. Tasks of the mentee are to reflect on and set their goals, think about potential professional perspectives, stay in touch with their mentor, show initiative and be open for advice.


How does it work?

The mentoring program lasts for twelve months. Meetings take place on a regular basis every 4 to 6 weeks. The way of communication (in person, by phone, E-Mail or Skype) as well as meeting dates, key subjects andmutual expectations are agreed upon beforehand. The MBA team initiates the mentoring program by matching the mentors and mentees according to their profiles and their personalities before it brings the pairings together for the official start of the mentoring program. The kick-off takes place via an information E-Mail send out by the MBA office to the individual mentor-mentee pairings. The mentee is encouraged to keep minutes of the meetings for future reference. At the end of the twelve months the mentoring program will be evaluated by the mentors and mentees in order to guarantee the quality of the program and adjust it where need arises.



Mentee Li Ding, China, Class of 2020

“I really appreciate that the MBA team launched the mentoring program this semester, giving me the opportunity to get to know my mentor James. He is the best match to be my mentor. We have the same professional background so that we have a better understanding for each other. Till now we meet every month personally. The contact per Email or WhatsApp is of course available anytime. James helps me finding my strength and analyzing the potential career path which can match my qualifications and interests. He is very experienced and helpful. I get a lot of insight from him.”

Mentor James Dymond, USA, Class of 2004
Senior Investor Relations Specialist, SAP Germany

“The mentoring program so far has been rewarding from my side. Li and I hit it off right away, and despite the fact our home countries are on opposite sides of the world, we have a lot in common. We have been meeting once a month depending on availability and I have been “assigning homework” in the form of questions to trigger deeper thought and therefore guide our conversations. I am looking forward to continuing to serve as mentor.”

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