Business Administration/Digital Enterprise Management (B. Sc.)

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For the architects of tomorrow's digital business world:

International Bachelor´s Program in Business Administration/Digital Enterprise Management (B. Sc.)


Today, we are already finding Internet-enabled microchips in everyday objects, in automobiles or means of production - the digitization of society and economy is in full swing. The result is a digital parallel world in which not only people and machines exchange information with each other, but also machines among themselves. That's why we teach "Doing Business in a digital world" instead of just "Digital Business" – with a lot of business administration and the right dose of information technology.

Digital technologies are said to change the business world almost as quickly and sustainably as the meteorite impact about 66 million years ago, which led to the extinction of so many life forms on planet earth. And yes, Digital Darwinism has already claimed many prominent victims. Just like the dinosaurs in those days, large corporations such as Agfa and Kodak, Nokia, Neckermann or EMI have disappeared from the scene in recent years. But on the other hand, companies such as Apple and Samsung, Amazon or Soundcloud and Netflix, which have recognized and used the change for themselves, have blossomed.

Digitalization is unstoppable and will change business models, work processes and the way we live together at least as much as the invention of printing with moveable types.

Society and companies therefore urgently need women and men to support them in the digital transformation. The prosperity of all of us, but also the respect of ethical principles are at stake.

It is up to you to help shape this transformation - and we offer you the opportunity to prepare for it with our 7-semester international Bachelor's program in Business Administration/Digital Enterprise Management (B.Sc.).

No matter whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur, a consultant, a manager or a specialist: Learn in an international environment, how to link the most important study contents in the age of digitization in order to lead companies into the future in a visionary, responsible and successful way.

The tailor-made program merges a general, management-oriented and a program-specific part with almost equal weighting. The general part consists of subjects selected for you in the fields of business administration, economics, ethics, social and intercultural competence, quantitative methods and law. In the program-specific part, you will acquire skills in particular in the following areas:

  • Digital Business Models
  • Digital Business Processes
  • User Experience Design, Web Technologies
  • Big Data Management
  • Digital Business Applications
  • Electronic Markets, Electronic Data Interchange, Enterprise Application Integration
  • Customer relationship management, e-commerce
  • Supplier relationship management, e-procurement
  • Programming
  • Project Management
  • Change Management in a global context
Digital Enterprise Management Digital Enterprise Management

Business Administration/Digital Enterprise Management (B. Sc.) is aimed specifically at interested people from Germany who would like to study in an international environment and at applicants from abroad. Therefore, the language of instruction in the first semesters is English.


Like all our business administration programs, Business Administration/Digital Enterprise Management (B. Sc.) is accredited both nationally (AQAS) and internationally (AACSB). Particularly good graduates have the opportunity to further qualify in our Master's program Master Information Systems (M. Sc.).


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Therefore, our graduates’ areas of expertise will be:

• Business Process Design
• Enterprise Resource Management
• Supplier Relationship Management, e-Procurement
• Customer Relationship Management, e-Commerce
• Electronic Data Interchange, Enterprise Application Integration
• Web Technologies, Human-Computer-Interaction Design, Web Applications
• Change Management in a Global Context
• Doing Business in Germany (language, culture, regulations, institutions)