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Guest in Classroom #1

The Pforzheim University MBA welcomed its alumni Ajita Shringarpure (Assistant Manager - Value Chain Transformation, KPMG) as its first guest-in-classroom this summer semester. She brought with her not only her affable persona but also an astute mind evidently honed through a combination of years of professional experience at Mercedes-Benz and KPMG, an observant eye, and a real zeal for absorbing new knowledge.

Ajita spoke at length about working in an international but Germany-focused firm, its conducive company culture, the nature of her job as a consultant, and the scope of projects she is currently involved in. Building further atop the topic of the German work market, Ajita also touched upon current hot trends – digital transformation and sustainability – and how there is high demand for skilled talents to fill relevant roles in these areas.

On experiences and key takeaways from her own stint at HSPF’s IM MBA, Ajita recounted how the professors and faculty members helped her fully exploit and benefit from the MBA program. Ultimately, she was able to translate learnings from the high quality and comprehensive program content into her professional life, such as digital transformation and CSR. However, getting to the position that she is in today wasn’t always a smooth ride – Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown in 2020 had extended the duration of her job search. It was precisely due to this that Ajita became quite adept and experienced at job hunting and was able to provide valuable insights to current students regarding job applications in Germany.

A Q&A session is a vital part of the guest-in-classroom events and the 2nd semester students brought forward burning questions such as the type of skills or certification to attain to increase one’s chances of employment in Germany.

The MBA program and candidates would like to thank Ajita once again for taking the time out of her schedule to make an appearance on campus. We hope you enjoyed the session as much as we did!

T/N: All participants were compliant with current Covid-19 regulations.

Text and Pictures: Michelle Ahras, MBA Class of 2023