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Today's business world is changing at a rapid pace, and executive managers and employees are confronted with immense challenges: an intensifying globalisation of economies, societies, environment, and cultures, the emergence of new technologies, the prevalence of information and communication technology in our professional lives and increasing public expectations with respect to firms' social and environmental responsibilities.
The conditions under which executive managers have to act and make decisions are volatile and more uncertain than ever before. Firms will only withstand future competition successfully if they are able to face these 21st century challenges head on by exploiting opportunities and minimising risks. Companies and their executives must adjust flexibly and innovate to handle continuously changing conditions.
The aim of the Pforzheim MBA International Management programme is to enable you, as a future manager, to meet these challenges for the benefit of your company.
To achieve this, the Pforzheim MBA follows a two-tier strategy that will provide you with a distinct competitive advantage for the business of tomorrow.
An international, generalist and profound classical management foundation is integrated with the most relevant future topics: innovation management, sustainable globalisation and digital transformation.
According to individual interests, you can choose from a variety of electives in the third semester. You can deepen your knowledge in Marketing, Finance or Consulting. Moreover, you may take part in a company project that is offered in the third semester.
Optionally, the third semester can be spent at one of our partner universities in Asia, Europe or the Americas. We also offer a double degree option with the University of Wyoming, USA (Energy Management) or the ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal.
In the event that you gained your first degree in Germany and have not worked or studied abroad in the past, the programme includes a semester abroad at one of our partner universities.

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