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Eduardo Rodriguez, Mexico, Class of 2017
Strategic Sales Controlling, Häfele Gmbh & Co KG, Germany

Why did you choose to study at Hochschule Pforzheim?
“I wanted to work in Germany after graduation… the MBA program seemed to be very well connected with companies and institutions in Germany and even neighboring countries like Switzerland. It allowed me to increase my knowledge and experience in business topics…”

What was your career path like after graduation?
“I received a job offer already in the second semester due to a project done through the MBA program. However, it ended up not working out and a month after graduation I got the opportunity to start working at one of the leading companies in the furniture fittings industry worldwide. I am currently in charge of Sales Controlling for the Sales Director in Germany.”

What advice would you give to those applying?
“When applying, be yourself. The program benefits from all different backgrounds and perspectives, as this mix combined with critical reasoning and analytical thinking improves classes and learning in general for both students and teachers and makes learning way more interesting.”