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Avinash Changalarayappa, India, Class of 2020
Business Intelligence Project Manager, ENERCON IT Service GmbH, Germany

What were two of the key takeaways from your time in the MBA program?
“Building your professional network during the entire MBA program is very crucial. It might not only help you in achieving your short term goals, but it will also help you with the long term goals. Choose a university that gives priority to diversity. This will help you to understand the perspectives from around the world.”

How has your life changed since finishing the MBA?
“Two things in my life has dramatically improved post MBA. The confidence level and the way I communicate with people. Before MBA, I was not confident enough to face people. The MBA was designed in such a way that most of the time I spent time with my classmates and presenting something in front of a huge classroom.”

What advice would you give to those applying?
“Don’t even think of doing MBA just for the sake of getting a job or just for the title. Any degree can help you get a job, but MBA is not just another master degree. It’s an experience. Join the Pforzheim MBA with an open mind and you can learn a lot while equally enjoying the journey.”

Thanks, Avinash!