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1.    Enjoy high quality education.
Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement was confirmed when we received the initial accreditation of AACSB International in July 2011. In May 2017 we received again this distinguished hallmark of excellence in management education. Less than 5% of business schools worldwide are AACSB accredited, in Germany only 11 universities out of about 200 with business programs.


2.    Enhance your career opportunities.
The Pforzheim MBA opens broad new opportunities for career development. Whether you want to tackle new challenges, have experienced a slowdown in your learning curve or are unable to move ahead in your current company, the Pforzheim MBA enables you to re-energize your career with new knowledge and skills, a new professional network, and a new brand association. If you have a non-business background, the Pforzheim MBA prepares you to re-orient your career towards business and management.

3.    Focus on what you really need.
We deliver business competence, not just theory. Our professors do not only hold Doctoral, Ph.D. or Master degrees – they have worked for at least 5 years in senior management positions. Our teaching is based on research as well as professional experience. Moreover, the Pforzheim MBA module system allows you to individualize your study to empower your strengths.

4.    Enjoy individual career advancement and coaching.
Our professors are your coaches, not your instructors. You will benefit from individual mentoring from professors throughout your studies. Our small course size encourages intense student-faculty interaction which is crucial to achieve the best outcome from your MBA studies.

5.    Get business insight.
We cooperate with various companies in different sectors through company projects, company visits and guest speakers in classroom. These close connections to practice are a vital part of our management education at Business School Pforzheim.
6.    Benefit from our location.
Being surrounded by some of the world’s most powerful companies allows you to benefit from the potential of the Pforzheim-Stuttgart region. Right in the heart of Europe, Germany’s most innovative region is home to companies like Bosch, Siemens, SAP, Porsche and Daimler as well as powerful small and medium-sized enterprises.

7.    Discover the business of tomorrow.
We prepare you to manage the big challenges of the 21st century for the benefit of your company. Our courses in business disciplines like Digital Transformation,  Marketing,  Consulting, Accounting and Finance address the needs of tomorrow’s business. Additionally, our specializations tackle tomorrow’s challenges like Innovation Management, Sustainable Globalization and Digital Transformation. Moreover, we offer soft skills training throughout your studies.

8.    Globalize your network.
Over 90% of Pforzheim MBA students are internationals, coming from all continents. Global, intercultural networking begins in the classroom. Intercultural competence is not only taught theoretically, it is gained practically by day-to-day interaction. This will be important in your professional future in negotiation processes and team work. In addition renowned professors from partner universities contribute to our program.

9.    Enjoy international culture.
The Pforzheim MBA offers the opportunity to study in two countries or even two continents in one program, at our partner universities in the US, Latin America, Asia or Europe. For students with a first degree from a German institution and no academic or professional experience abroad, it is compulsory to study the third semester abroad. For all other students, it is optional.

10.    Get state-of-the-art education at reasonable cost.
Our intention is not to maximize profits but to provide sustainable management education for future generations of executives. You get »more for less« – an internationally highly recognized degree and skills for dealing with the business challenges of the 21st century.

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