Key Performance Indicators & Surveys

Key performance indicators and surveys are an important field within the quality management at Pforzheim Business School. Results of our surveys are continuously used to improve our study programs in respect to a.o. internationalisation, course specialization and course content, checking for relevance within these fields and increasing the quality of our Business School.



The following surveys are conducted continuously as part of our quality management activities:

Freshmen-Survey - Incoming students are evaluated on why they chose Pforzheim Business School and what factors were important for the decision. 

Course Evaluation - All courses at our Business School are evaluated at least once every three semester by our students.

Overall Program Evaluation - In this assesment we analyse the content of our studies and the procedures within each program. Students have the opportunity to give direct feedback to the programm director to improve the quality within each program.

Internship Survey - As an University of Applied Sciences we have a mandatory internship as part of our study programs. Therefore this survey gives us the first direct feedback on applicability of our current study contents.

Graduate Survey - Directly after finishing their degree we ask our students about the overall experience they had studying at Pforzheim Business School and what could be improved.

Alumni Survey - To guarantee that Pforzheim Business School prepares its graduates perfectly for the job market we assess a.o. job placement and career advancement.


Key Performance Indicators & Data Management

Quality management at Pforzheim Business School defines important key performance indicators (a.o. retention rate, admission rate acceptance rate) which are continuously assessed. A selection of important key performance indicators of the past five years are presented in the graphs below.