The student representatives of the Business School Pforzheim

The student representatives are part of the student body and the only body directly elected by students. It is to record students’ concerns, develop solutions and forward cross-faculty subjects to higher level bodies. Currently there are 10 student representatives of the 3rd and 4th semester in the Business School and five appointed students in the faculty council (members ex officio). 

The student representatives have the following tasks: 


  • it is the direct contact for student concerns
  • it forwards students’ issues and possibly solutions to higher bodies
  • it acts as a mouthpiece between students and the university and vice versa (contact with professors, deanship, AStA, student council and other bodies)
  • it distributes quality assurance resources, which are used to finance tutorials, guest professors, the library etc.
  • it announces the representative student body 


Anyone interested to become active or contribute ideas may participate in the elections or may run as a candidate himself. The elections always take place in June. Exciting tasks, contact to professors and a look behind the scenes at the university await interested students. 

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Aydt, Franziska
Brennscheidt, Lukas
Faik, Zainab
Habig, Tassilo
Hagemann, Marina
Hauser, Marc
Herlan, Vivian
Idrizi, Selena
Neef, David
Roloff, Nele
Ta, Jasmin
Terenkoff, Christina
Unser-Nad, Dominik
Viotto, Judith Maria
Weigel, Annika