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The MBA Mentoring Program, that has been established in 2019, proofs to be a reliable and efficient instrument of guidance and support for the 3rd semester MBA students. The program, that runs over a period for twelve months, aims at bringing together successful MBA graduates with ambitious current students. The graduates that take on the task of a mentor, pass on their knowledge and experience during this program.  “In answering the questions, I had to ensure my thoughts were clear. It is obvious I have the experience, but it helped me articulate what I have learned”, states one of the mentors in one of the surveys that are conducted in the end of each Mentoring Program period. The program is characterized by an intensive, challenging and mutually rewarding relationship of trust between mentor and mentee. “Coaching someone is a valuable experience and also a skill that I can hone” describes another mentor. The mentors not only give general and career advice to their individual mentees but also support them by opening doors and networking opportunities for the students´ future careers. “My mentor was pretty helpful and gave me tips about the German labour market based on his experiences” and “she shared with me her knowledge about available jobs and what employers look for” were some of the statements given by MBA mentees in the survey. Another proof for the success of the program is the fact that all mentors and mentees plan to stay in contact even after the end of the Mentoring Program and after graduating from the MBA.
The MBA team initiates each mentoring round by matching the mentors and mentees according to their profiles and their personalities before bringing the pairings together. The success of this approach is approved by Mavin, one of our recent graduates, and his mentor Eduardo, who state: “My mentor was Eduardo and I am glad that I was connected with him, which has indeed been one of the highlights of my MBA. Eduardo and I got along very well from the first session itself. Every mentoring session was an enriching experience. Whether it was for the Company Project, conflict resolutions during group work, thesis and help during the job-hunting process; the anecdotes of his MBA experience and how he handled similar situations was a blessing in disguise for me. We continue to remain in contact on a regular basis to discuss various topics such as books, work-life balance and investing.”
" I'm very thankful for having been invited to the MBA Mentoring Program. I had the opportunity to mentor Mavin: an extremely smart and talented individual with amazing interpersonal skills and a great work ethic. Due to the pandemic, all our meetings were made through video calls. This was in fact positive, since we were more flexible when setting up meetings. Mavin has now graduated and is currently working a senior position at a global IT company. I'm very proud of his development and wish him the best of success. "
At the end of the summer break the MBA team will kick-start the next round of Mentoring Program for which the current MBA students are already able to apply.  

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