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During the winter semester 2020/21 the MBA International Management conducted a survey of its alumni to assess their perception of relevant aspects of their experiences during their MBA studies and to explore their career paths after graduation.
The survey is an important source for the MBA program as a means of quality development and insurance and also intended for prospective students to give them a better idea of what to expect and gain from our MBA.


That the MBA International Management meets the quality requirements is shown by a total of 92 % alumni who see their personal expectations about the MBA fulfilled and 87 % who would recommend the program to a friend. Since only a maximum of 25 students per year are admitted to the program, the MBA has a great student-faculty ratio that allows the professors to interact and to concentrate on individual students. This is confirmed by 85% alumni who consider the atmosphere in the MBA program to be very personal.

Unlike other programs the MBA International Management does not only focus on a classical management education but also on soft skills which grow more and more important in today´s business world. This is reflected by 85% alumni that are very satisfied with the training in critical thinking and who confirm that the soft skills acquired in the program are an integral part of their daily work routine.
In a globalized world the interaction in multicultural teams is growing ever more important. Internationalization is a main topic of the MBA which has students from up to ten different nations in one batch. No wonder that 94 % alumni praise the teamwork in multicultural teams during their studies which they consider to be a valuable preparation for their future jobs.


The survey also found that 86% alumni think that the MBA prepared them well for their future jobs. The MBA degree from Pforzheim University is also seen as a door opener to starting a new career in Germany or Europe. This is confirmed by 74% alumni who were able to build up a professional German network from scratch during their studies and settle in Germany or Europe after their graduation. The good connections to the industry and corporate world are confirmed by the fact that 45 % alumni had a permanent employment contract even before their graduation from the MBA.


The findings of the survey also show that doing a MBA degree is not only a promising opportunity to advance the career but also a great way to increase one´s average income. Depending on their country of origin the starting salary for most of the MBA graduates is with 25% to over 60 % remarkably higher than the salary in their pre-MBA jobs and it more than doubles over a period of 15 – 25 years after graduation.

Testimonials from our alumni

“The MBA International Management at Pforzheim University offered me many opportunities to grow.”

“Very international environment and good exposure to opportunities via company visits. Very supportive professors.”

“We worked as a tight knit group. Very close interaction with professors. Also the two-year program gives you enough time to socialize outside of class, learn German and integrate into German culture before starting your first job!”

“Excellent educational framework, customized to your needs, very warm, professional.”
“Good network of partner universities.”

Text: MBA | Data: taken from MBA Alumni Survey winter semester 2020/21