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To gain a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing environment, one must be well versed in business processes and the latest technological advancements. That is why our first semester MBA International Management students received a comprehensive course in information management.
Professor Kevin Johnston, a visiting professor from Cape Town University, has been sharing his information management knowledge with the MBA students at Pforzheim since 2014.
Professor Johnston, also known as “KJ” by his students, covered topics ranging from primary building blocks in business, such as business process management and value-stream mapping, to more advanced and innovative technologies, which includes machine learning, AI, blockchain, and human augmentation.
While comprehensive, this four-week course taught the students not only how to identify and utilize various strategies and technologies, but it also emphasized the importance of knowing what questions need to be answered, how to extract information quickly, and then how to analyze and interpret such information to optimize business processes.   
Through case studies and workshops, KJ provided the students with a true hands-on experience that put theory into practice for today’s competitive environment.

Author: Gabrielle Boimann, Class of 2022