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Final presentations of real-life projects with attempto, Bosch and Francotyp-Postalia

Congratulations to our 3rd semester students for having achieved another milestone of their MBA studies! Once again, well-known companies such as attempto, Bosch and Francotyp-Postalia collaborated with students from the MBA International Management program in research projects which were supervised by Prof. Markus-Oliver Schwaab, Prof. Korbinian Eichner und Prof. Frauke Sander from Pforzheim University. The three projects from different industries enabled the students not only to get a better insight into the German labour market but also to further develop their leadership skills, enhance their communication within the group and with the clients, and most of all sharpen their individual professional profiles.   

Check out below what our MBA students have to say about their company projects:



“With a sense of excitement and confidence, we journeyed to attempto, where we were warmly welcomed and provided with an impressive presentation setup. The presentation was attended by prominent personnel, including Matthias Leukert (Head of attempto Munich), Margit Cabolet (Head of Business Development), Thomas Oberberger (Head of attempto Munich), Alexander Bloß (Head of attempto Lab) and Claudia Ehrlicher (Head of Human Resources, Organization and Marketing), who listened intently and engaged in meaningful discussions regarding our project results. We were pleased to learn that they appreciated our project's outcomes and the methodology used to conduct it, as well as finding it valuable for their future strategy. The day concluded with a delectable lunch at a traditional Bavarian restaurant, courtesy of attempt” shares Smitha from India.


“The third Semester MBA students, Jomy Jose Thekkiniyath, Manoj Kumar Rasani, Balaji Birajdar & Premson Vutti under the guidance of Prof. Korbinian Eichner had the opportunity to associate with Bosch on a company project as a part of their curriculum. The opportunities and challenges posed by transition to circular economy for traditional businesses were studied in detail and several scenarios were analyzed as part of the project. A huge thank you to the Bosch team, Silke Quass (Innovation Consultant), Coralie Koo Sin Lin (Leader Center of Competence Sustainable Manufacturing), Sandrine Baudry Wintrich (Research & Development), Inga Stoll (Project Manager Management of Circular Economy (Plastics) for their kind support and guidance towards the completion of the insightful project. The key takeaway from the insightful project was deep learning on diverse challenges posed by the 'circular economy' transition to business lines of traditional organisations and exploring strategies to tackle these and emerge as market leaders in the future,” states Jomy Jose from India.


“The project itself was a real hands-on experience, an opportunity of offering real consultancy for a global business (Francotyp-Postalia). The students especially enjoyed the work-flow and the way the FP team integrated them and offered them time and feed-back every two weeks, helping them to stay on track. Such an approach not only helped, but also made them feel that their work was meaningful and valuable to the company. Moreover, experiencing the presentation in front of the board members from multiple countries (Germany and Sweden) and being also challenged by them with several on business case questions was an excellent opportunity to understand the required professional level. We worked hard and tried to be as close as possible to the "perfect" presentation with complete data. This helped us a lot when questioned by the board members. It was clear for us how well should a consultant prepare her/himself before coming in front of such a company and present team's findings," elaborates Silvia Daniela from Romania.

The Company Projects, which are a vital component of the MBA program, are seen as a great opportunity for the MBA students to network with companies from different industries and work fields. At the same time, it's a fantastic way for the students to use all tools they've studied in previous semesters and put into practice what they´ve learned in class. The Company Projects are real-life challenges through which the MBA students can create valuable solutions for the project partners which are sometimes even ready for implementation.

A big thank you to all of our MBA students who participated in this year´s company projects and for all their dedication and hard work that they´ve put into the projects!
And thank you very much to our project partners attempt, Bosch and Francotyp-Postalia for their highly appreciated ongoing support of our MBA program!

Texts: MBA, Smitha Tiptur Ananda, Jomy Jose Thekkiniyath, Silvia Daniela Pandrea (all MBA Class of 2024)
Pictures: pixabay, FP, Bosch Rexroth, Prof. Markus-Oliver Schwaab