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Congratulations to our 3rd semester students for having achieved another milestone of their MBA studies! Once again, well-known companies such as Bosch Rexroth, MAHLE Aftermarket and NKT collaborated with students from the MBA International Management program in research projects which were supervised by Prof. Jürgen Janovsky, Prof. Harald Strotmann and Prof. Frauke Sander from Pforzheim University. The three projects from different industries enabled the students not only to get a better insight into the German labour market but also to further develop their leadership skills, enhance their communication within the group and with the clients, and most of all sharpen their individual professional profiles.   
Check out below what the students have to say about their projects.


Bosch Rexroth

“This semester, for one of three company projects, our group of four students had the opportunity to learn about a new product - the Intelligent Floor. Partnering with Bosch Rexroth and led by Professor Janovsky, the students approached this consulting project on how a novel, disruptive product is perceived in the market. Bosch Rexroth, which has already been a partner for Company Projects in previous years, had once again set the students a challenging task. Over 20 hours of expert interviews were conducted along with various market analyses. In the end, the research findings were presented to the client and recommendations were given by our student team for the best possible steps to move forward with the project."

MAHLE Aftermarket

As one of the subjects from our course electives in the 3rd semester we had the opportunity to work with MAHLE for our company project. The project revolved around the study of automotive fleet markets within Europe. Subsequently conducting interviews to assess the feasibility and willingness of companies to buy the parts directly from Tier 1 supplier like MAHLE was one of the main tasks of the student project team. We also had a very good cooperation with our MAHLE Aftermarket colleagues, Mr. Marco Ilotti  and Ms. Caroline Gass, who actively supported us throughout the duration of the project and who answered all our queries. Apart from that, Prof. Strotmann played an active role in providing critical feedback which really took our presentation as well as the way we presented to the next level and to meet the expectations of the MAHLE Aftermarket management. The Company Project also gave us an opportunity to get a sneak peek into what work life will look like once we graduate. Overall it was a fantastic learning experience - professionally and personally - which we are sure to make use of in our future endeavours.


“Our 3rd Semester of the MBA was a rich experience not only in the classroom but also with regards to the opportunity to work on a real-world project with NKT. In close collaboration with NKT, our team of four students from the MBA did a market analysis to investigate future opportunities for the expansion of NKT's Service and Installation business line. Various research methods were utilized during the course of the project, involving interview sessions with NKT’s experts. At the end the final findings and recommendations were presented to a part of NKT’s management team members, who were keen in incorporating some of our research data in the company’s future strategy. In conclusion, we took on the project with minimal prior knowledge of the industry and was challenging for us at first but, with continued guidance of Professor Sander along with the timely feedbacks from NKT, we inculcated the confidence and necessary ingredients to make this project successful.”


The Company Projects, which are a vital component of the MBA program, are seen as a great opportunity for the MBA students to network with companies from different industries and work fields. At the same time, it's a fantastic way for the students to use all tools they've studied in previous semesters and put into practice what they´ve learned in class. The Company Projects are real-life challenges through which the MBA students can create valuable solutions for the project partners which are sometimes even ready for implementation.
A big thank you to all of our MBA students who participated in this year´s Company Projects and for all their dedication and hard work that they´ve put into the projects!
And thank you very much to our project partners Bosch Rexroth, MAHLE Aftermarket and NKT for their highly appreciated ongoing support of our MBA program!

All participants abided by current Covid-19 regulations.