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Gopikrishna Badhrinarayanan, India, Class of 2012
Senior Manager, KPMG AG

What were two of the key takeaways from your time in the MBA program?

  • Intercultural relationships management - In all facets of my professional career so far, I have been working in global setups where interpersonal skills and people aspects that I acquired through my MBA group works and company project allow me to be successful.
  • Focus on value - The program taught me how to differentiate myself from being generic.


How has your life changed since finishing the MBA?

The MBA led to a 180° transformation of my career thus enabling me to switch from being a backend IT service staff to a strategic top management advisor. The challenging assignments with the professors and my cohorts over the 2 years have made me someone that pays close attention to time, quality and market credibility in everything I do.

In what ways did the MBA help prepare you for the German labor market?

The program offers a rare combination of classroom study and company visits/engagements. This not only helped me in strengthening my core skills but also connected me with the German industry as such. My first real opportunity in the German market was through a summer internship at Carl Schlenk AG through the MBA program's contact