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While there is concern among most people and policymakers across the globe over the impact of automation, AI and other technological developments on the labour markets, the field of Human Resources Management and Development has experienced rapid penetration of these front line technologies with a focus to augment human capabilities and increase productivity. Today, the HR technology landscape, exploding with innovation, growth and filled with impressive buzzwords promises young graduates interesting career opportunities.
Against this background, it was an honour for the students of the MBA and Master of Human Resources Management students to attend a highly engaging workshop on “Future of Work” conducted by Mr. Enrico Palumbo, a seasoned professional in the field of HR transformation and Head of HR Learning and Early Talent Development at SAP, an organisation renowned globally not just as a powerhouse in enterprise software but also as one of the best rated employers. Over his long-spanning career, Mr Palumbo has worked on strategic as well as operational HR projects and built an international experience in over 8 countries.
The goal of the workshop was to introduce the students to the concept of Gartner’s Hype Cycle, brainstorm interesting applications of technology in the field of HR and position them on the Hype Cycle. For the latter part, students were divided into groups and each group was tasked with finding detailed information on the technology and with their own analysis justifying its position and the adoption rate through a short final presentation. Gig economy, smart workplaces, virtual and self-managed teams, working out loud, digital nomads and agile working were some of the topics discussed. The participation of the MSc in HRM students in this workshop gave the students an opportunity to interact beyond the usual MBA group and provided a specialist’s view on the subject. The process of coming up with their own analysis, new ideas and defending them during presentations was thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants.
Apart from the workshop focused on HR innovations, Mr. Palumbo stressed on two very important things: firstly, on finding systematic ways through one's professional network and additional education to get a fresh perspective. Secondly, on the importance of proactively developing knowledge beyond one's day to day job and understanding the company’s business strategy and portfolio. A valuable advice for the young crowd about to enter the workforce.

Text: Shvetang Pai Angle, Class of 2021
Photos: Shvetang Pai Angle, Prof. Markus-Oliver Schwaab