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“Quality is about perfection …” - MBA company experience at La Biosthétique, a European leader in luxury cosmetics

The new MBA students’ first company experience led them to La Biosthétique, a European leader in luxury cosmetics. The company is a very important firm in the Pforzheim region, combining an elegant Parisian exterior with the industrious heart of a well-oiled German machine. La Biosthétique with headquarters in Paris and Pforzheim belongs to Germany’s “hidden champions”. The students were joined by Prof. Dr. Markus-Oliver Schwaab, Associate Dean Business School at Pforzheim University and Janina Walther, MBA Admissions.

Prof. Schwaab introduced the students to La Biosthétique’s Consultant to the Board, Dr. Peter Hagel. In January 1983 Dr. Hagel started working as a chemist at La Biosthétique and thereafter held different positions during his tenure prior to achieving his current position. He shared a lot of personal insight into the company’s operations, giving the students both a comprehensive presentation and a guided tour of La Biosthétique’s Pforzheim facilities, where the company’s research and production are located. Dr. Hagel stated that for La Biosthétique “quality is about perfection … and professional markets demand performance.” These statements, amongst others, highlighted how La Biosthétique manages to stay competitive, exclusive and a dominant player in the life and beauty industry.

During the visit, the MBA group engaged in discussions with Product Development and Quality Control specialists within the actual product test labs. After the labs, all participants put on scrubs and visited the production floor with the Supply Chain managers of the company. The students were able to ask questions and see the production processes of various La Biosthétique products. After an exciting time on the production floor, final questions were shared with Dr. Hagel who also gave further insights into positions within the company as well as upcoming opportunities for working students.

Text: Rupert Rivera, MBA class of 2020 / MBA Office
Photos: MBA