Himanshu Sharma, India, MBA Class of 2019, Social Media Coordinator EMEA at Mahle, Germany

Why did you choose to study at Hochschule Pforzheim?
“Because of its prestigious AACSB accreditation, small class size offering a vibrant cross-cultural atmosphere, strong cooperation with firms like Bosch, Daimler, Mahle, Siemens, etc. and last but definitely not the least the promising career development that the program offers the students post-graduation.”

In what ways did the MBA help prepare you for the German labor market?
“The innovative mix of theory and practice in the MBA curriculum prepared me well to not just enter but to rather thrive in the German labor market. The wide variety of courses covered all crucial business areas and played a pivotal role in building a solid foundation for my future professional career.”

How has it been working in Germany since you finished the MBA program?
“I have had an excellent experience so far of working in Germany since finishing the MBA program. I can attribute a lot of the credit to the MBA curriculum, the world-class teaching faculty of HS-PF, my peers in the program from whom I learnt a lot through our multicultural interactions.”

Thank you, Himanshu!

Lei Hua, China, MBA Class of 2019, Business Analytics Manager, Hyundai MOBIS Europe

How did the MBA help you?
Our MBA program definitely has broadened my horizon in many perspectives.It not only has fulfilled my expectations of expanding business knowledge but also helped me a lot to improve my communication skills. It was totally worth it!
What is the most memorable experience from your MBA times?
The 2 years were full of challenges, laughs, and that certainly leads to growth. We teammates worked hard together for group projects, enjoyed the time together visiting companies, celebrating after exams. It was all unforgettable times.

What advice would you like to give to our current MBA students?
Enjoy the time of studying as much as you can, it certainly the best investment for yourself!

Thank you, Lei!

David Cikurel, Turkey, MBA Class of 2014, Associate Partner at DHL Consulting, Germany

What were two of the key takeaways from your time in the MBA program?
“1. Interactions with professors who have successful business careers in their fields as well as a highly diverse group of students broadened my horizon.
2. The student consulting project helped me prepare for my next career move.”

How has your life changed since finishing the MBA?
“After the MBA, I have started a new career track in management consulting and joined DHL Consulting, the in-house consulting unit of the Deutsche Post DHL Group. I have had a fantastic experience at DHL Consulting since then in a highly international, fast-paced and collaborative environment.”

In what ways did the MBA help prepare you for the German labor market?
“During the MBA, we had a well-structured international management curriculum taught in small classes of diverse students and carried out student consulting projects were we gained experience in how to manage a consulting project and stakeholders. We visited a number of renowned German companies.”

Thank you, David!


Gopikrishna Badhrinarayanan, India, MBA Class of 2012, Client Value Lead - Lifesciences, Accenture, Germany

What were two of the key takeaways from your time in the MBA program?
“1. Intercultural relationships management - In all facets of my professional career so far, I have been working in global setups where interpersonal skills and people aspects that I acquired through my MBA group works and company project allow me to be successful.
2. Focus on value - The program taught me how to differentiate myself from being generic.”

How has your life changed since finishing the MBA?
“The MBA led to a 180° transformation of my career thus enabling me to switch from being a backend IT service staff to a strategic top management advisor. The challenging assignments with the professors and my cohorts over the 2 years have made me someone that pays close attention to time, quality and market credibility in everything I do.“

In what ways did the MBA help prepare you for the German labor market?
“The program offers a rare combination of classroom study and company visits/engagements. This not only helped me in strengthening my core skills but also connected me with the German industry as such. My first real opportunity in the German market was through a summer internship at Carl Schlenk AG through the MBA program's contact.”

Thank you, Gopi!