Tuition Fee

For the program cycle starting in winter semester 2020/21, fees are the following:

  • € 3950 tuition fee per Semester 
  • € 160 registration fee per semester
  • € 20 Student ID card only in the 1st semester


Application Fee

We do not charge any application fee.


Living Costs

  • Please note that covering financial needs (cost of living averages € 600-700 per month) is the responsibility of the student, and the visa may require proof of means; financial support by the university is not available.
  • Find more information on our website for international students.



  • Please note, that our program is a self-financing program and the program itself does not offer scholarships.
  • "Deutschlandstipendium": There are some scholarships available; however, it is only possible to apply once you are registered with our university. Please also note that the available scholarships are limited, so there is no guarantee of receiving one.