Double Degree International Marketing

We welcome students from the following universities in our Double Degree Business Administration / International Marketing: 

1. IESEG School of Management Paris, France

2. ESC Clermont, France

3. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, Slovenia 

4. ISCTE Business School, Lisbon, Portugal 

5. University of Wyoming, Laramie, USA

6. TEC de Monterrey, Mexico 

7. ESAN University, Lima, Peru

8. Universität Gadjah Made, Yogyakarta, Indonesien 

9. Yuan Ze University, College of Management, Taoyan, Taiwan

10. Ramon Llul IQS Business School, Barcelona, Spain 

11. National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

The students in the double degree program spend two semester at Pforzheim University: Winter semester from October to February and summer semester from March to July. 

- Three weeks before the start of the first semester: intensive language class; and additional German language classes during the two semesters (goal: level B1) 

- Students have to take predefined courses of 60 credits (on average 30 credits each semester) taught in English: 

  • International Management
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Market and Consumer Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Marketing Research
  • Fundamentals of Marketing Communications
  • Quantitative Market Research 
  • Marketing Research Projekt 
  • 3 electives in marketing 
  • Ethics / Social responsibility 
  • German Language Class (to achieve B1 level) 

After the two semesters of study, students conduct a six-months (100 working days) internship (Germany or outside) and have to write a thesis (can be waived). Students are granted (after the successful graduation at the home university) the Bachelor of Science of Pforzheim University.

The internship takes place in semester 3, after the two study semesters 1 and 2. 

The internship duration is 5-6 months (100 working days). Pforzheim University supports you during your application for an interview in Germany.

We encourage students to do the internship in Germany, but students are free in which country the internship is done, but they can decide for themselves if they want to do it in Germany or a foreign country.

So far, incoming students have done their internship at companies such as Puma, Adidas, Daimler, Gfk, Henkel, Boss, Bosch and many others.

Students already preparing to do their internship can find useful information in the file "Internship for the international students" including organisational issues, legal requirements, reporting documents.


The nomination of the students is done by your home university. The home university will then inform Pforzheim University about the applicants. Please contact your home university for further information.

General Information for Incoming Bachelor Students

There are no tuition fees for studying as a Double Degree Incoming Student in Pforzheim. 

However, there is an 80 Euro fee per semester by the Deutsche Studentenwerk (this obligatory fee is a contribution to run the mensa, cafeterias, student halls etc.; it covers free access to the public transportation system of the city, too). The payment to the Deutsche Studentenwerk should be made before arrival. For the issuance of the student ID (the student card is also used as payment card, copy card and electronic keys) the university charges 20 Euro

Based on the data of the German Student Services the costs of living for a student add up to about 700 Euro per month. 

These costs of living per month cover on average expenditures as follows: 

  • Rental costs (incl. additional charges): about 298 Euro (usually less in student dorms: 200-250 Euro) 
  • Food: about 165 Euro 
  • Clothing: about 50 Euro 
  • Transportation costs: about 82 Euro 
  • Health Insurance: about 66 Euro 
  • Telephone/internet/Radio & TV licence: about 33 Euro 
  • Learning material (books, prints etc.): about 30 Euro
  • Leisure activities (cultural events, sports, dining, dancing etc.): about 68 Euro 

The average data may vary from city to city but Pforzheim tends to be pretty close to the average costs. 

International students have to take care of the accomodation for the duration of their stay in Pforzheim independently, but the International Programs Office will gladly assist students with the room search. To do so there are different options presented below. The application for a room in one of the student halls will not be accomplished through the International Programs Office, but has to be adressed directly to the administration of the accordant student hall. 

Student halls of the Studentenwerk Karlsruhe  

Via the Deutsches Studentenwerk DSW in Karlsruhe about 500 rooms in 4 student halls in Pforzheim are available. 

Other student halls (private)

As a private organization the Studentenwerk-FH e.V. runs a student hall in Pforzheim:

Other options 

  • The Bernhardusheim offers single, double and triple rooms for pupils, trainees, interns and students 
  • Private apartment or room offers in shared flats ('WGs') can be found on the university's bill-boards, but mainly on various internet platforms. The most known are and
  • The International Programs Office of Pforzheim University will mail a list of rooms, apartments etc. to all international exchange students. This housing list is continously updated and will be sent to the students on receipt of the application forms 
  • The AStA (students' council) regularly publishes a housing list with room offers that is updated regularly. Check the website regularly for new offers!

Pforzheim, with its 120.000 habitants, is situated between the cities of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Southwest Germany. It is also known as the northern gateway to the Black Forest. Southwestern Germany is one of the most important economic regions in Europe. Global companies such as Daimler, Bosch, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Michelin, Porsche and more are located in this area. Pforzheim itself is famous for its jewelry. Being the center for the German jewelry, watch and silver goods industry, Pforzheim is also known as the "Goldstadt" (Gold City). 

The three rivers Enz, Nagelt and Wuerm flow through the city. The attractive riverbanks and parks are perfect for an enjoyable walk, for jogging activities, inline skating or merely for taking some time out, especially in the summer months. 

Numerous student cafes, clubs and of course the popular student parties at Pforzheim University make student life attractive. 

Pforzheim is surrounded by fantastic natural landscape offering various leisure activities. Not only Spa Towns and Health Resorts such as Bad Liebenziell and Bad Wildbad are located here but also the northern Black Forest, which is a skiing region - a popular place for excursions in the winter semester. Interesting destinations for weekend trips are France (the Alsace region), Switzerland and Lake of Constance. 


Bachelor International Marketing

E-Mail bim(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de


Prof. Dr. Nadine Walter (Program Director)

Bachelor International Marketing


Tel. +49(0)7231-286450

Prof. Dr. Thomas Cleff

Bachelor International Marketing

E-Mail thomas.cleff(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de 

Tel. +49(0)7231-286101

Bettina Dietz

Student Secretary

Bachelor International Marketing


Tel. +49(0)7231-286088

Ilona Kaufmann

Research Assistant

Bachelor International Marketing


Tel. +49(0)7231-286217

When I chose to do the Management & Marketing Program at ESAN University (in Lima, Peru), I knew I wanted to go abroad and to have a different perspective of my studies. There are many options when you look for universities far away from your home country. For example you can find summer programs, normal exchange programs double degrees. I chose the last one, so I could have a whole year to gain as much experience as possible. I wanted to go to Germany, wherefore the choose of Business with the specialization of International Marketing in Pforzheim, was a clear choice. 

Coming from a different continent, you just hear about, how Germany could be; and yes - Germans do take punctuality very seriously. As a result, I have missed a few buses to school, but after a while I ended up learning :)! German beer tastes incredible and you will even find it at the universities cafeteria, next to the juice.

Pforzheim University attracts many exchange students, which I wasn't expecting. So I was glad after I noticed the contrary! I got to meet people and cultures from everywhere in the world and Pforzheim, although it doesn't have many touristic attractions, is a great place to live, especially when you are a student. The living expenses are quiet low and there are several places to go around with friends (parks, restaurants, clubs, pubs, etc.) Also, you can find great connections from Karlsruhe (20 min. away) to almost everywhere, what let's you see Germany and Europe from a very different point of view! 

Moreover, studying in Germany is completely different. There are no midterms, no tests, no homeworks and no surprise quizzes. All of that lets you go around easy during the semester and even do some travelling, due to the fact, that normally there is no compulsory attendance! Nevertheless, you will really have to put on high effort to the final exams, since they can make up 100 % of your final grade. But don't worry, if you prepare yourself well, there is nothing to be scared about.

Germany is not only good for studying, but also for working; so, after a great year in Pforzheim, I wanted to do an internship in Germany. I got the chance to work at the Adidas group and be part of the Concepts to Consumer - Concept Fulfilment team; dealing with Demand & Inventory, Customer Service and Systems & Reporting. Even though the deadlines were demanding, I was never pressured on something I couldn't take. The way of working is just amazing; you want to go to work, not only when there are artists or celebrities visiting, but any other day as well. The large campus with all its ammenities and the amazing working environment make the company just a great place to work. And the freebies don't hurt neither!

Doing the Double Degree in International Marketing at Pforzheim University was not only good for textbook knowledge, but led me to my first working experience. And I wouldn't change it for anything!


María Kcomt, ESAN University

I am a person, who really loves to experience new things and progress forward in life. I was a second year student at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and had the dream to study abroad and get a degree in Europe for my bachelor. I found out that UGM has a partnership with some of the best universities in the world for their double degree program. So, it really was a difficult choice, but finally I decided to pursue my second degree at Pforzheim University in Germany, what completely changed my life!

The first atmosphere I felt at the beginning of my life in Pforzheim was the diversity. I lived in student housing ("Studentenwohnheim") at Keplerstr. 75 and you will never find such diversity on any other place! I got the chance to meet some people with the brightest minds. I never stopped learning, even in the kitchen, while we cooked and shared our native dishes. I also connected with the people on personal basis every day, which really opened my mind to different opportunities, which we had been available out there. I am still in close contact with my best friends, which I could find during my time in Germany. 

At university, I was taught by the best teachers from all over the world, while the teaching process was really interactive. There is no restriction if you want to tallk or discuss with the professors. In addition, we had the opportunity to work together in different teams with the smartest students from different continents! If you put your effort, you can even land some scholarships like the "Baden Württemberg Scholarship" and the Matching Funds. 

Pforzheim University really understands how to balance fun and working hard at the same time. It is not just a place where you are allowed to learn a lot of things. On the other hand, a student committee arranged a lot of fun events, like travelling around Germany, international dinners or something else.

With the possibility of a residence permit - which you can get as a BIM Double Degree student - you are allowed to travel to all Schengen countries in Europe. Using part time jobs, scholarships and some travel tricks you even don't have to worry about the money. We never had a boring time in Pforzheim and I get to know people, who visited more than 10 countries!

After one year of study I had to find an internship for six months, which was quite challenging, but not impossible! Some friends from the MBA program in Pforzheim taught me in preparing my application files and getting through this process. They taught me, how to give good interviews, how to find the internship and even how to find a good flat during that time. 

I finally started at Danone Waters DE, which is based in the area around the city of Frankfurt and offered me a lot of challenging tasks and complex problems, I could solve.

Depending on your personal objectives, this ERAMUS exchange will provide you with an incredible experience. 

You see the world from another angle and discover countless opportunities for your professional and personal career. 

Pforzheim became my cocoon, far away from my French roots. My life was full of experiences, yet simple. The people and the city were crucial factors to this joy and happiness, nevertheless Pforzheim University remained as the coordinator of our social experiments. 

We inevitably discovered the Germans sense of organization – which eventually became useful – and their economical perspectives on our society. We learned that combining these with our own background experience would become a significant leverage into future decisions. 

Among basic subjects that we studied, such as “International Marketing”, “Fundamentals of Marketing” and “International Management”, which helped everyone in the class to get on the same page, we also had the opportunity to explore aspects of “Digital Marketing” and “Computer-based Marketing and Management Methods” – and an advanced and theoretical lesson on “Marketing Research”. Fortunately, practical classes were available to test the theory. In “Special Aspects of Digital Marketing” classes, we could apply search engine optimization techniques, online advertisement and monitoring web analysis on a real-life search engine simulator to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of our sponsored digital campaigns. We have learned, to effectively understand both, our strengths and weaknesses and to use them for the improvement of all our results!

Pforzheim University's staff can also take credits for their foreign-students' smooth running. Most of them will remain at our disposal to help you out for any sort of matter. They have also organized several trips (Frankfurt, Berlin…) for us to discover other areas of Germany. I am grateful for having them with me and for being available throughout my ERASMUS experience.


Cameron Maury - ESC Clermont

Go to Pforzheim expecting nothing and embrace it all. Don't have any predispositions about the food, the German people, the ranking of the university, nothing. You will arrive in a place unknown, with people who sound completely different from those at home and embrace it. 

When you first walk in to the school and see a sea of faces, take it in because those people will be our companions for the coming academic year. Talk to as many native Germans as you can and don't worry about not socializing with the foreign students, there'll be many time for that later. Native “Pforzheimers”, you will soon find, are warm and inviting, witty and funny so I encourage you to introduce yourself and socialize. Throughout the year, take advantage of every event, every day trip, every international day and every chance to speak with the teachers. Get to know the people leading the classes because you will soon find that they can teach you much more than what is in the curriculum. 

The University staff will warmly and efficiently help you get what you need done and don't worry about bothering them, that's what they are there for. The school offers a ton of resources (online and offline) that you should take advantage of. For those of you debating the opportunity to do the Double Degree program at Pforzheim University, take in to consideration the intrinsic skills and connections that will be made on top of the academic possibilities and when you arrive. 

I have grown up in an international environment and am used to different cultures so I was immediately drawn to the double degree program in Pforzheim. I decided to apply due to the high level of courses the university offers and the partnership with multiple highly ranked universities around the world. When applying for the program there is a lot that needs to be done but the staff at the university is very capable and makes the process incredibly easy. 

I found my house through a Facebook group of students from the previous semester and managed to find a place close to the university whilst still in a good area close to other students. Going out was easy, everyone lives at the student housing close to each other which allowed for big groups to migrate into the city. Don't miss the karaoke nights on Wednesdays at the Irish bar as well as the cocktail casino (roll a dice to determine how much you pay) at Lehner's Wirtshaus. During the weekends I enjoyed visiting the Wildpark by the university as well as the beautiful trips into the schwarzwald (black forest) where a day trip to Bad Wildbad during autumn is a must. 

The classes are all taught in English (other than German) and in most classes, the international students are mixed with German students which gives everyone a chance to better connect across cultures. Pforzheim boasts comprehensive courses with attentive teachers who care for your academic welbieng. The university does a lot to make sure that the students are well looked after and offer an abundance of resources so that the students can easily learn what they need to. The infrastructure is incredibly impressive and very modern. Overall my time in Pforzheim was incredibly well spent socially as well as academically and I do not regret taking this opportunity.

Filipe Amaro - ISCTE Business School

Yes you will! Pforzheim University has an outstanding buddy program, which will connect you with a Pforzheim student,  who will not only help you with any questions, but is matched with your own interests and hobbies, so you can spend time together and meet new people easily. The ASTA initiative will connect you to your Buddy before your arrival and you will be able to ask any questions left. 

Of course! There will be several trips arranged by the initiatives from Pforzheim University, to other german cities such as Stuttgart and Berlin, but also the festivals as the Oktoberfest. You will be informed about your possibilities upon you arrival. 

Your grades will be transmitted after your one year stay in Pforzheim. Pforzheim University will issue a transcript which will be send to your home university, who will then transfer your grades according to the Learning Agreement which you filled out before coming to Germany.

The bachelor degree will be given to you once you have graduated from your home university. 

The Learning Agreement is needed for both your home university and Pforzheim University to start and complete your Double Degree. Your home university will be able to assist you with your Learning Agreement. If you have complications filling our your Agreement, it may be possible to ask other students that have completed their Double Degree to help you. This connection between students can also be useful with questions you have. 

Whether you are eligible for the Erasmus funding or not depends on your home country. Read more about Erasmus Funding and the amount of funding allowed on the Erasmus websites. 

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