Betriebswirtschaft / Einkauf und Logistik

A good breakfast establishes the basis for a successful day: having a coffee, reading the newspaper, eating fruit – and all that is on the table in time for breakfast. But how does that work? Purchasing and logistics are the magic words that make many culinary treats possible in the first place. Numerous brilliant minds are the creators of the connection between suppliers and customers. Along with various logistics service providers they organize the smooth running of all the processes along the supply chain: material procurement with suppliers, production and the way to the end consumers. That’s what Supply Chain Managers do.

At a glance

Duration of study
7 semesters (210 credits)

5th semester (100 days) 

Degree Classification
Bachelor of Science 
(Business Administration)

Twice a year

Program language
German (at least 18 credits in English)

The entry requirement is a higher education entrance qualification. Good English language skills are essential. Non-native speakers must prove sufficient knowledge of German

If you have further questions regarding our study program or the application procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us: logistik(at)hs-pforzheim(dot)de, Tel.: 0049 7231 28-6096


Embedded in a profound business education the specialization in purchasing and logistics is constructed systematically. The three pillars "logistics functions and systems", "purchasing and procurement management" and "logistic process management" will familiarize you with the technical terminology, and the topics covered in the fourth, methodical pillar with quantitative and analytical methods. In the fifth pillar soft skills will be gained and developed. During higher semesters at Pforzheim University, free forms of teaching are applied, which focus on autonomous learning. Usually students work in teams of four to five. The Bachelor's program is completed with the Bachelor thesis, which students mostly write in a company and deals with a specific task.


In addition to free WiFi access on campus and roughly 70 workstations there are two laboratories available for the logistics students - equipped with software systems for simulations, critical path analysis, route optimization, site optimization and route planning as well as application systems for purchasing and logistics, MS Office packages and internet accesses. Moreover, students have the possibility to lend tablet computers and other seminar and presentation technology.

Program goals describe the competencies, which every student should have obtained at the end of their studies at Pforzheim Business School. Each one of these goals is outlined by learning outcomes, through which the competency goals are operationalized and become tangible.

You can find the program goals and learning outcomes of the various study programs in the navigation bar. 

Goal at degree program level

Students have broad knowledge of theories and their practical application in order to understand business functions and processes.

Expert knowledge

Learning Objective/Outcome

1.1 Students demonstrate that they have basic knowledge in Business Administration.

1.2 Students demonstrate their distinguished and sound competencies in Economics.

1.3 Students have command of legal methodology for case solutions on basis of claims.

1.4 Students are able to solve business problems by applying quantitative methods.

Goal at degree program level

Students are able to use information technology successfully.

Use of information technology

Learning Objective/Outcome

2.1 Students demonstrate proficiency in using computer programs to solve business problems.

2.2 Students are able to use information systems effectively in real world business settings.

Goal at degree program level

Students are able to examine problems critically and solve practical problems with analytical competence. 

Critical thinking and analytical competence

Learning Objective/Outcome

3. Students are able to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to complex problems.

Goal at degree program level

Students recognize ethical issues and conflicts, which can arise from their business activities and account for them accordingly.

Ethical awareness

Learning Objective/Outcome

4. Students are able to develop business ethics strategies and apply them to typical business decision-making problems.

Goal at degree program level

Students are able to express ideas and arguments clearly and convincingly in oral and written communication.

Communication skills

Learning Objective/Outcome

5.1 Students are able to express complex problems effectively in writing.

5.2 Students demonstrate their oral communication skills in presentations.

Goal at degree program level

Students are able to work effectively in teams.

Capacity for teamwork

Learning Objective/Outcome

6. Students show that they are able to work successfully in a team by performing practical tasks.

Goal at degree program level

Students have a sound background in their major field of study.

Expert knowledge in the major field of study

Learning Objective/Outcome

7.1 Expert knowledge.

7.2 Secure and competent application of methods and instruments.

7.3 Interpretation and critical reflection as well as development of alternatives.