Accounting, controlling, and financial management integrated into a well-founded business degree

It is impossible to manage a company without having its finances under control. In accounting and finance, you will gain a deep insight into all areas of a company and support entrepreneurial activities.

You deal with questions such as:

  • How can you plan, measure, assess, and control what happens in a company?
  • Which instruments do you use to advise management on the development of new business areas and markets?
  • How can you secure and optimize a company's financial requirements in the short and long term?

In doing so, you do not look at the company solely from the perspective of profitability. Sustainability and business ethics are ingrained in your studies.

In accounting, entrepreneurial business transactions are recorded and mapped in information systems. You will learn to draw up and interpret annual and consolidated financial statements and other reports that provide information about the economic, environmental, and social situations of companies. That is the basis from which the right conclusions for corporate management can be drawn. The focus here is not only on medium-sized companies but also on global corporations that frame accounts following international standards.

In Controlling, you will learn about tools that you can use to analyze the economic situation of a company and plan and shape its future, for example, how to assess the prospects of success of projects and evaluate competitors. In addition, you will furthermore deal with digitalization in accounting and how this can lead to better decisions. But also with the analysis of digital business models.

Financial management ensures that strategic investments can be made and that ongoing business can be maintained. You will become familiarized with classical and modern sources of finance, deal with liquidity planning and the optimal capital structure, learn to determine the value of the company and how to measure, manage, and hedge risks.

Course of studies

In the Bachelor's programs, the standard period of study is seven semesters. You acquire the title Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Business Administration.

In the 5th semester, you will get to know the application of the course contents in a company during the integrated internship semester and gain valuable practical experience.

For the Abroad module, the 6th semester allows you to spend a semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities or to complete an additional internship abroad - subject-specific or socially oriented - opening up new perspectives for you in an international field of activity.

The broad business studies program lays the indispensable foundations from the 1st to the 7th semester.

A comprehensive range of electives allows you to specialize further and broaden your focus.


Course of studies Business Administration / Controlling, Finance and Accounting Course of studies Business Administration / Controlling, Finance and Accounting


What do I learn?

  • General business administration
  • Special business administration
  • Corporate Management
  • Business Information Systems
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Intercultural competence
  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Scientific work

Specialization in Accounting:

  • Individual financial statements according to commercial and tax law
  • Consolidated Financial Statements according to German Standards and IFRS
  • Accounting according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Auditing

Specialization in Controlling:

  • Cost Management
  • Fundamentals of Management Accounting
  • Corporate Planning
  • Investment Controlling
  • IT Applications in Accounting
  • IT in Management Accounting

Specialization in financial management:

  • Financial Management
  • Financial Modelling for Corporate Finance and Corporate Valuation
  • Computer-Aided Financial Analysis of Financial Markets, Risk Management
  • Risk Management
  • Capital market financing and capital market instruments for companies

In addition to experienced professors, competent practitioners from renowned companies teach as lecturers to deepen practice-relevant topics. The practical application of the acquired knowledge takes place through project work, case studies, business simulations, and study excursions to companies.

You work and learn in the specialization in small groups.

The international accreditation by AACSB ensures you access to excellent foreign partner universities and confirms the excellence of our teaching and research.

You will be optimally prepared for a master's program by a bachelor's degree with 210 credits.

You can acquire the "Ethikum", a national certificate documenting that you have comprehensively dealt with issues of ethics and corporate responsibility - beyond technical matters.

The entry requirement is a higher education entrance qualification. Good English language skills are essential. Non-native speakers must prove sufficient knowledge of German

The program starts in the winter semester or the summer semester. The application deadline is July 15 for the winter semester and December 15 for the summer semester.

Do you have questions about the application process or the BW/Controlling, Finance, and Accounting program, or would you like to make a suggestion? Then please feel free to contact us.


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