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You want to be the architect who wants to help shape the digital world of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow?

Then you've come to the right place.

We endeavor to attract excellent female and male students from all over the world and Germany who aspire to pursue a career in international business


International students who want to prepare for a career in a German-speaking business world.

  • First three semesters, the courses are in English.
  • “German as a foreign language” will provide students with an intensive introduction to their German-speaking environment
  • In the fourth semester, a mixed-language course (German/English) as well as a course conducted entirely in German will prepare students for use of German in the internship semester (5th semester).
  • The global orientation of this program is also reflected in the composition of students.

German students who want to prepare for an international career in the context of digital enterprise Management.
Please note: Applicants with a German university entrance qualification may just proof that they were examined in English in their final exams.



What is it all about?

Why Digital Enterprise Management?

Studieninhalte Business Administration Digital Enterprise Management Studieninhalte Business Administration Digital Enterprise Management

Companies continuously improve their business processes and use the possibilities of modern IT. They need people who can see the big picture, understand structures, organize processes and develop models. With a top blend of business administration and information technology, you will become the professional with exactly these skills.

How do you become this professional?

Our tailored program combines business administration with applied informatics. You will learn everything you need for a successful career start:

  • Responsible entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
  • Understanding operational correlations and taking into account complex framework conditions. Global, macroeconomic, legal, ethical and social requirements are very important.
  • Plan and optimize processes in the company as well as with customers, business partners and administration
  • Select or design IT systems and implement them with the most modern hardware and software to optimally support business processes.