International Exchange

The MBA international student exchange provides excellent opportunities to stay for one semester within a Master course at one of our partner universities and gain additional international experience.

For students with no academic or professional experience outside Germany, a semester abroad is mandatory.


Partner Universities in Europe


Partner Universities in the Americas


Partner Universities in Asia - Pacific

Name: Lukas Hornung

Country: Germany

Exchange University: Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudio Superiores de Monterrey (EGADE), Mexico

MBA Class of 2017

“I spent my third semester abroad at the EGADE Business School, part of the prestigious Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. It was a great experience; the school has much to offer and Mexico is a great country! Some student organizations offer affordable trips throughout the country, which makes it easy to find new friends and to get to know new places.”

Name: Kevin van den Boom

Country: Germany

Exchange University: Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble, France

MBA Class of 2017

“Fortunately, I took the opportunity to spend my abroad semester at the Grenoble Ecole de Management, which is one of the top European business schools with an excellent reputation. One of the many highlights there was the visit of Muhammad Yunus (Peace Nobel Prize laureate in 2006), who held a speech for the students of the business school. Overall, I had a great time in Grenoble, met a lot of interesting people and enjoyed the beautiful environment in the middle of the French Alps. I can fully recommend everybody going there.”

Double Degree Programs

The International MBA Double Degree Program offers you the unique chance to:

  • Obtain two degrees and be part of two alumni networks
  • Choose between the areas of specialization of both universities
  • Enjoy an international environment while improving your intercultural competences and language skills


In conjunction with the University of Wyoming in the USA we provide an excellent opportunity to benefit from the expertise and resources from the two prestigious institutions in an international MBA double degree program with a focus on Energy Management.

“The opportunity to specialize in a main topic as Energy Management and furthermore, to expand my network to reach potential employers on two continents were my main motivation to apply for a double degree at the Wyoming University. I am excited to get there!”

Soumyashree Sarangy. Double Degree Candidate 2016 (Pforzheim University)

"Pforzheim has a close relationship to the University of Wyoming and I was chosen as one of the first two candidates to come to Pforzheim in order to complete a dual degree program. Pforzheim has several key aspects including their Innovation Management and financial advisors, whom all have considerable experience."

Kenneth Brenneman. Double Degree Student 2016/2017 (University of Wyoming)


„I spent the Fall Semester 2019 at the University of Wyoming, United States. The close relationship with Pforzheim University gave me the chance to pursue my third MBA semester overseas. Besides the student life on a campus in the United States, my highlight was the Outdoor Leadership Experience. We spent an entire week in the stunning wilderness of Wyoming, which was a great start into the semester. I am happy about my decision and glad about the experiences I have made in these six months.“

Johannes Reuter. Doule Degree Candidate 2020 (Pforzheim University)


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